When women become moms, a lot of thing in their life changes. Everything else seems to take the back seat, as the family (and especially the children) now become the priority.

You may think that being a wife and mom is an easy task when actually, it’s as demanding a job as any. You will never really know what it entails to be a wife and mom until you become one. Moms become so caught up with having to attend to their husband and kids, making sure that everything at home is in order and everything is provided for while, for some, also juggling work from home, that sometimes, they tend to leave themselves unattended. You can’t blame them though because it is never easy to have to juggle too many things all at once. But things shouldn’t always have to be that way. Moms have the right and privilege to still be able to dress up fancy even when they spend most of their time indoors with chores and all the running around with the kids.

So, why do stay-at-home moms still need to get dressed every day?

Some moms may think that there is no point in dressing up when you stay home all day looking after the kids, washing the dishes, tidying up the room and doing the laundry. Lounge clothes and sweats in every color are what you find most moms sporting day in and day out but it also doesn’t hurt to dress up a little.

photo credit: obscene_pickle via photopin cc

photo credit: obscene_pickle via photopin cc

Dressing up for your spouse

Yes, sweat pants and a comfortable shirt may be the way to go when you’re at home all day doing dirty, sticky, busy jobs but what happens to the spouse who’s excited to come home to his lovely wife looking all beautiful and sexy? Dressing up for your spouse helps to keep the romance fire burning. If you are not up to being all glammed-up after a hard day’s work at home, at least dab on some mascara and put a little bit of blush on your cheeks, then change into a nicer outfit besides the sweats that makes it look like you’ve put a little bit of effort into yourself. A happy marriage results from a happy husband and wife. It’s not really that much effort to change your clothes once in a while, right? So when you are feeling up to it, surprise him with some well-fitting jeans and a nice shirt.

Dressing up for yourself

It’s not only your husband you should be dressing up for. Do it for yourself. Having to dress up when you know you are going to be spending the entire day at home doing so much work may seem tiring and unnecessary. But sometimes, that’s all you need to brighten up your mood. Dressing up, not only makes you look presentable. It also has a way of making you feel better about yourself, feeling more confident and getting you motivated to do stuff! It helps to make you feel that you have a life outside of doing dishes, laundry, cleaning up vomit and changing diapers. You don’t only dress up when you have to head out — there is always something good that comes out of dressing up even when you’re home doing routine stuff. And I’m sure the mail person and delivery people (who may be the only adults you have contact with on a typical day) will appreciate the effort as well!