Hello my pawed pals!

Hope you’re having a great week. I’m popping in today to talk about something really scary and I hope I don’t freak you out. But you really need to know that there are some disturbed people in the world who really don’t like dogs and cats…and possibly even small children.

My mom was reading one of the local papers this morning and the next town over is looking for information about some pieces of sausage that were found on the street containing…wait for it…razor blades.

Now I wish I was joking but I’m not. And this is really, really serious. I also wish I could say that it’s something new; but apparently it’s not. Last November, in a park in Brauna, Germany (sorta near Dresden), someone sprinkled these:

Maybe it’s some sort of new trend here in Germany? But people should probably be a bit more vigilant about watching their pets as they walk them. And you might want to even try poison proofing your dog so that it will only eat indoors. Obviously instructing a dog to eat only if you feed them could backfire if you have to go somewhere. And if you teach them to eat out of a certain bowl, what happens if you go on vacation without the bowl?

Now I’m not saying that I can restrain myself in any way. If there is garbage out somewhere, I want to eat some of it and then I’m probably going to roll in it too. I would be in bad shape if there were razor blades or anything else in there. And if someone throws something over our fence, I’m barely going to wait for it to land before I gobble it down. But mom and dad are now kinda wishing that they’d trained me better to avoid things like that.

And on top of that, last year, we had people poisoning cats in our town, which we all known are prone to wandering.

I guess what I’m trying to stress here, is that you’ve got to protect your pets and try to make sure they don’t become a nuisance to others. Not everyone is a pet lover, and my folks aren’t too happy about the cat poop they find in the garden from the barn cats behind us, but what are you gonna do? They’re cats.

And if you’ve got dogs at home, make sure they can’t escape. There is a horrific story right now about a Newfie named Rosie who broke out of her yard and ended up being shot repeatedly by local police because she was being a nuisance. No one would ever want something like that happening to their dog and it was a totally senseless dog murder.

Make the most of the rest of the week and think twice before you eat!