Hello my dear friends,

Do you ever go through spurts of time where you just feel hungry ALL THE TIME? I’m having those lately. Mom talks about food with Mackenzie all day…and I only get fed in the mornings and at about 4pm. I’d be very willing to have a nice big snack around noon and I usually get a treat around 9pm too…but honestly, what’s so wrong with free-feeding? The cats upstairs get to do it! What — I can’t be trusted with an entire bag of food at once?

On the other hand, no I probably couldn’t be. I’m pretty sure I would just keep eating until all of it was gone. No matter how much food gets put in my bowl day and night, I’m still hungry. And to be fair, it’s not like mom is trying to starve me — I just LOVE food!

Unfortunately, Sweet Lady Food has been calling out to me at the worst moments and getting me in trouble. At the Thanksgiving party, Mackenzie finished eating and left her plate down on her little table. It’s perfect for me to just sashay by and grab what is left on her plate…which is what I tried. But then I knocked over her chair and the plate so that everyone caught me in the act. I didn’t get yelled at much because mom was too busy cooking and dad was drolling over the smell of turkey (not unlike myself)…and maybe they just didn’t want to seem like the meanest parents in the world in front of so many friends.

And then today I got caught by mom as I had my front two paws up on the dinner table, gobbling down the last few bits of Mackenzie’s breakfast. I got a swat on the rump for that since mom caught me in the act. Oops. Definitely have to work on my timing!

Now in my defense, let me say that during the last couple of years, I was really, really good about not stealing food at all. But Mackenzie sneaks me treats whenever she can and my desire to beg for food has increased since I’ve been getting more rewards for that behavior. And of course there’s all the little snacks I was getting while Mack was learning to eat that were left all over the floor.

I mean look at me…look at this face…you know you couldn’t turn me down!

So apparently the parentals are going to come down hard on me now and restrict the treat access in a big way. I guess since Christmas is almost here I really should be behaving better…but the food, she beckons to me so sweetly.

What’s a dog to do?