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Happy Woof Wednesday, everyone!

I had the best day yesterday, and not only got a super long walk BUT I also got to play with on of my puppy friends, Gina. She’s a German Shepherd and not quite one year old. Wow does she have a lot of energy! By the time we were on our way back home, I was totally pooped. But the days are already noticeably longer here which is a very good thing…and I’m trying to convince mom that she does have time to pry herself away from the computer for just a few minutes in the afternoon so we can start having two walks again instead of one long one.

For those that are familiar with Newfoundlands, this next video is probably nothing new to you. It’s all about how they use Newfies and other dogs in Italy for water rescue and watching my fellow pups dive out of helicopters sure does look like fun. But when they mentioned that a fit Newfoundland can pull 12-15 people in the water, I almost fell off my tree stump. That’s versus the 4 or so that a Labrador can pull, which is still pretty impressive.

We’ve been to Italy a couple times and unfortunately we’ve never seen any of these rescue Newfies on patrol. But I will say that Italians LOVE Newfies, and I have never been in any other country where more people just walked up to me and loved on me. Especially in Venice. My parents counted last time we were there and in just 4 hours, over 90 people stopped or reached down as they passed to pet me (never once thinking I might be a vicious animal which I have to admit happens around here pretty often). And about 40 people stopped and wanted to have their photo taken with me. I might have to start charging for these sorts of services. One woman even let me give her kisses all over her face. Even mom and dad cringed a bit at that thought.

But getting back to water rescue, those living in the US can actually get their Newfie certified for water work via the Newfoundland Club of America. The training is a lot of hard work and involves a lot of obedience training, but those dogs that earn the title of Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog or even Water Rescue Dog Excellent are something really special.

My parents once considered trying to do search & rescue training with me because I love climbing over things and seem to have some mountain goat in my blood. But these types of programs require very long hours to get dogs trained and conditioned. And unfortunately time is something that is never in excess around here. Maybe in another Newfie life…guess I’ll just have to settle for search & rescue missions for my toys hidden around the house instead!

Have a great rest of the week!

Sloppy Newfie kisses,