Hello friends!!

Wow, have I got some exciting stuff to share with you today! Last week, we took a little vacation and even though it’s pretty warm at home…where we went there was SNOW! And lots of it. I could hardly even believe my eyes. And we didn’t even have to drive that far. Mom says about 3 hours which in dog time means you’re going to be in the back of the truck for a while– but not as long as we usually travel to see people we know…and definitely not as far as when we go to the beach or camping.

We took some of the best walks ever. We took these long excursions through the forest and I got to sniff after all sorts of strange smelling animals. And we were the only people out there so I could run all over the place and just be my crazy self.

As you can tell from the photo, there was just snow everywhere. And sometimes I get a little sick of the snow when it’s really deep…but this stuff was perfect. And since it wasn’t very cold outside anymore either, the snow was wet and a little slushy. It didn’t even stick in my paws. Total heaven!

I liked it there so much that I ran… (please notice my tongue just barely hanging out)

And I ran…

And then I begged someone to throw a ball for me.

I chased that ball like I had never chased any other ball in my life. It was my mission to secure that ball in my mouth as quickly as possible and bring it back so it could be thrown again.

Look — I’m a rabbit!!

Eventually a started to get a little worn out, and you could start seeing that I was indeed a dog when I was running. On the other hand, I’m glad there were no hunters out because they might have thought I was a bear with a green tongue!

Now don’t think that it was all running and crazy time…I took breaks also and made sure to eat some snow to cool off.  It looks like I broke out a chunk of ice for myself but it was just my tongue totally covered in the delicious snow.

I even found a little spring to cool off in. It was so refreshing…and just about the only patch of green we saw that day.

Before you start to worry that I may have overexerted myself on the trip, let me assure you that these photos were taken over a couple of days. But I will admit that I have rarely slept better than we did while on this vacation. The mountain air definitely did me good.

Since we were doing so much walking and the snow was pretty soft, dad decided to let me practice my drafting skills again. He had done so much cross country skiing already that he was pretty tired…and Mack isn’t getting any lighter. I’ve always wanted to be a sled dog but the weather near us really isn’t so ideal for training. I must recommend to mom & dad at once that we move to some place with more snow. I was born to pull stuff!!

Please notice that dad had his hand on the leash while I was pulling. For starters, I’m a bit of a spazz—so if I had seen something interesting in the woods, I woulda gone for it. And Mackenzie would have been forced to go along with me. Plus, I was a bit distracted by the feeling of pulling the sled. So if dad let go, I would stop. As long as the leash was in his hand, everything was cool. I did the work and he kept me in line. I need guidance, what can I say? But would you look at that smile on my face??

Heck yeah, I’m a good dog!

This was, without a doubt, one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. It was cold but not so cold that my fur turned to icicles. And our apartment was cozy but not so small that I felt crowded. Cause you may not notice it, but I’m a really big dog. And big dogs need big spaces to lay down in.

And although mom was a bit concerned that the people renting us the place would see me, scream and slam the door in our face; they actually had no problem with me at all. And even thanked us for keeping the apartment so clean. They said we were the cleanest doggy guests yet. I guess that means we get to go back soon!! Hopefully not when I’m blowing coat or they will change their minds about us. 🙂 And I only want to go back when the snow in there again. Because, unfortunately, every day that we were there, we’d wake up to a little less snow on the ground. Between the rain and the warmth of spring, the snow was going fast. But at least we got one more awesome romp in the winter wonderland before it was all gone.

So bring on spring! I’m ready to sniff the daffodils and pee on new mole hills.

Happy spring kisses to you all! And if you’re ready for a getaway, you can find luxury ski deals online with Supertravel.co.uk


P.S. To the German Shepherd we ran into on one walk who totally stared me down and freaked me out so much that I collided with dad’s legs as I fled: I am sorry I was trespassing on your parking lot. I missed the pee-mails that said it was yours. Perhaps you should do a better job of marking your territory. I was just trying to find a good spot to potty and the field behind that abandoned hotel seemed perfect. Although I initially looked at you as if we could play, you clearly are not the playing type. Many apologies and I swear I will not try to be friends with you again.