Hello world!

Since I didn’t really know what to write about today (it’s been a quiet week), mom said maybe I could just share some photos of spring. I think she hopes it will serve as a reminder to the current weather that it is actually almost June and temps above 60°F really would be appreciated. I canine-ally find the weather pretty darn nice. Lots of drizzle to wet down my fur, an unlimited supply of mud and no hot sun pelting down on me all day and heating up my mudroom.

But the two weeks that we had spring in April were absolutely gorgeous. There were tons of pretty flowers for me to sniff and leave pee-mails on. And it seemed that every day a new smell would emerge from the flower world as more and more of them kept opening. I do kinda hope that summer is coming back. After all, now we’ve had lots of May showers so I’m expecting a lot more June flowers now thanks to the rain delay!

I never realized how pretty dandelions are until this year.

And everyone had a whole lot of fun learning how to blow the seeds off the dandelions.

I personally preferred to run through clusters of them and wear the seeds around like jewels in my fur. But did anyone get a photo of that? Heck no!

This is one of the strangest flowers that we have in our garden. It has absolutely no smell and seems to be made of metal? I just don’t get it at all.

There was a bit of an egg accident on one of our walks. I guess the hawks had been doing some hunting and wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast…

If you’ve been having some awful weather where you are too, I hope these photos brought a bit of spring into your world. And according to weather forecasts in our area, starting on Friday we’re supposed to have some warmth and sunshine coming. So maybe things will be turning soon in your neck of the woods too!

Happy hump day!