Hey world!

Last week I told you how cool our vacation was…you probably remember all those photos of me jumping around like a crazy puppy, right? Well in addition to the vacation being totally fun, I also noticed that it’s not always so easy to settle down when you’re in a foreign place. You have to try out all the various types of floors, and lay in every room. Some are darker rooms, some let you see the humans but not hear them, others you can hear them but not see them…and sometimes it’s just necessary to lay on a cold floor next to the heater.

By the time I had my nightly routine down, it was time for us to go home again…then I had to remember what my usual routine had been at home and make sure it still felt right… Eat dinner, go outside, come inside and lay in the living room on the couch, go back outside, lay in the cold entry way in the corner, wait for humans to go to sleep and snore very loudly…we seriously need a doorman or a doggie door because mom and dad are just not reacting as quickly as I’d like when I want to go out or come in. But that’s another subject for another post.  I don’t vary my nightly schedule much although now that summer is coming I have been spending more time outside. I even slept outside one day this week. It was so nice and warm I just couldn’t resist. Plus it rained a bit overnight which was really cool because I was Super Wet Puppy when dad opened up the front door as he left for work. He’s got pretty fast reaction time, I have to say. Dodging a big, wet Newfie when you’ve forgotten they were sleeping outside in the rain is not easy!

Anyway, right after we got to the rental apartment where we stayed on vacation, I was trying out their carpeted floor. We barely have any carpet at home, just a few rugs, and I’d forgotten that some carpets have nice cushioned padding under then. I really enjoyed it, I have to say.

And as I lay there testing the floor (which was my favorite location to snooze while we were there), Mackenzie came over to test the carpet with me. But she seemed to think I was also her pillow which I wasn’t too sure about. Don’t get me wrong — she’s a cool kid. But I’m not all that fond of people leaning on me…so we studied each other for a bit…

and just as she got really close to me, inspecting my face…I moved in for the kill, uh, lick. One thing that everyone knows in my house is that if you’re going to sit against me or on me, you must be willing a pay a fee. That fee is determined by the number of licks I get in before you move away or until someone says, “Enough!” Thankfully, most people don’t know what the right command is to get me to stop…and Mack can’t say it anyway. 😉

I didn’t manage to get much licking done since mom was right there photographing us. Sometimes I wonder if the camera has started to grow from her face…and I have to say I’m not too fond of having my photo taken. But there are often more important matters to worry with like collecting my pay.

After the lick, I looked at mom like I hadn’t even done anything. “Who me?? Lick the baby?? Never! I’m way too distinguished for that.”

I did such a good statue impression, that I think Mack actually started to wonder if I’d really licked her or not. I mean her head was still a bit wet but that could of been from her own drool, right?

You see the drool bib she’s wearing…very fashionable, yes, but still a drool rag. Hmm, maybe mom should get a couple of those for me. I’d look so stylish, don’t you think?

I hope your humans are planning to spend some extra time with you this weekend since it’s Easter. I think I even smelled a special little Easter gift although we try not to focus on the gift giving part of Easter in this house. I mean that more Easter bunny can only carry so much stuff and he has to be getting on up there in age.

So “hoppy Easter” to you all since I won’t see you again until the time has passed…and I’ll bark at you soon!