woof wednesday

Hello dear friends,

Today, I thought I’d talk about something near and dear to my heart. People always ask mom about my relationship with Mackenzie. In their minds, a big black dog and a little girl are a recipe for disaster. But in our house, it’s the perfect combination.

You see, Newfoundland dogs are extremely good with kids and are commonly referred to as “gentle giants.” In fact, in the original Peter Pan story and the stage version, Nana (the dog who watched over the children) was actually a Newfie. Oh yeah — we’re totally famous like that. It wasn’t until later in more recent versions of the story that they botched things up and turned us into a St Bernard. Ugh.

woof wednesday

That is because we are really docile, patient, fairly calm (especially after we turn 2 years old)…and will basically just let anything be done to us as long as we’re not in pain. So Mackenzie sits on me while I’m laying on the floor as if I’m a pony. And she pokes and prods me in preparation for her future medical career. Plus I will do just about anything for a treat — and Mack is oh so great about sneaking handfuls of them to me. So we have a very special understanding.

Naturally, a dog is still a dog. And you have to watch out around us. We can be very protective — and sometimes I just get so excited about chasing a ball that I forget to look where I’m going. So one does have to stay alert if we are running around. But most of us Newfies wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone.

woof wednesday

Mackenzie is my very special friend, and it’s my job to take care of her and make sure nothing happens. If that means I have to act like I’m going to eat a dog that looks like it wants to get too close to her, so be it. If that requires that I jump around like a crazed hound when I have to sit outside the playground (where I know bad things are bound to happen), I will do it. And if part of that job requirement entails being dressed up in colanders and being used as a pillow, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Slobbery kisses for all,