As we draw closer to the spring season, it’s time to start thinking hard about your landscaping strategies for 2017. Cultivating your front and backyard means considering your climate, taking resource conservation into account, and choosing the features that complement your home. Avoid making a landscaping faux pas this year and make sure your yard is a standout with these fantastic features. You can also rest easy knowing that if the project seems too large or gets a little out of hand, you can call in a professional at any time like NBG Landscapes to get the job done right.

  1. Edible Gardens
    Harken back to the days of victory gardens. Getting back to basics and growing your own food means saving money and creating a gorgeous backyard feature that does double duty. If you have edible plants in your backyard, you don’t need to shop at the grocery store. Often, produce found in supermarkets has traveled many miles, using up valuable energy. Doing your part to reduce this waste helps our environment, one step at a time. Be sure to plant your edible garden in the sunniest spot of your yard, and try to find an area that’s protected from wind. Choose foods you use and love, and consider using an interactive kitchen garden planner from Mother Earth News. Don’t feel that you have to keep edibles and ornamentals separate; you can begin blending these plants to create gorgeous aesthetics, as well.
  1. A Blend of Greens
    Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year, and you can use this color both in and out of your home. The trend in yards in 2017 sees a blend of various greens. Instead of a rainbow of color, stick to different shades of green. If you live in an area that’s been hit hard by the drought, it can be tough to keep your yard looking green thanks to lack of water. Consider installing a gray water system. Gray water is the water that comes out of drains of showers, sinks, washing machines, and baths—it’s significantly different than black water, which is what is flushed down the toilet. Gray water can be used in a variety of ways, whether that be for watering your houseplants or landscaping. Even better news? These systems are becoming more affordable thanks to the advent of PACE financing, which allows homeowners to purchase water conserving upgrades. Consider the PACE program from Renovate America—with their financing, you can get a gray water system that conserves water and doesn’t break the bank, meaning your yard will stay green and vibrant all year long. From laundry to landscape—second-use water can transform your landscaping. Going green while going green? It’s truly a double win.
  1. Exterior Kitchens
    Once you’ve got that fresh garden fare, consider whipping it up without having to head indoors. Many homeowners are tempted by the idea of an outdoor living space complete with an exterior kitchen, and this landscaping trend is sure to see you throwing the best parties on the block. With all of the new technology available, you can do much better than your basic barbecue set. Using smart home technology, homeowners are transforming patios into gourmet kitchens in the great outdoors. Have you ever considered controlling your outdoor kitchen set with a mobile app? That can be your reality this year, and if you’re ready to splurge, you can create an outdoor kitchen even Gordon Ramsey would envy.
  1. Natural Materials
    Landscaping trends are moving away from rigid, geometric design and style, and shifting towards natural materials. Instead of that clean, cold, modern look, homeowners are looking to revert back to more “vintage” garden appeal. The move towards organic has seen many hoping to add more natural, complementary ornaments to both front and backyards. This move towards natural has also seen a resurgence of native plants. These plants, unlike exotic offerings, have evolved to thrive in your climate, meaning they’re low maintenance and natural looking. Consider adding native plants to your yard and cut down on the time and resources spent on keeping your garden thriving.

Overhaul your landscaping this year with beautiful features that are easy on your budget and guaranteed to last you years. From edible gardens to natural materials, this year’s landscaping trends are all about going back to basics. Consider incorporating these features into your yard.