Small bathroom makeovers can give you an opportunity to do more with less space if you put some thought into the overall design of your remodel. When space is at a premium, you’ll want to make sure that every element of your remodel serves a purpose, whether in function or design.

Here are 5 small bathroom remodeling ideas for you to consider.


  1. Decorative storage bins.
    In a small bathroom, every piece of decor should serve a purpose and function. If you’re running low on space to fit a cabinet for your toiletries, try utilizing a stylish storage bin placed conveniently on a shelf or on your bathroom counter to serve as your go-to storage solution.

  1. Minimize your floor space.
    Many small bathroom ideas revolve around freeing up your floor space as much as possible. Consider adding a pedestal sink in place of a larger vanity. If you just can’t give up the idea of a storage vanity, think about incorporating a modern, wall-mounted vanity instead. While it may not seem like it initially, the added foot room that you save by wall-mounting your vanity can give the impression of having more space than you really do.


  1. Use your wall space wisely.
    Saving space is essential when considering small bathroom ideas during a remodel. Consider installing a mirrored medicine cabinet to allow for hidden wall storage of your personal items. Depending on the size of your walls, you can also consider making custom cubby holes in the deads spaces within your wall. Not only will these create an interesting focal point for your bathroom remodel, but will also save space by eliminating otherwise bulky bathroom cabinets.


  1. Toss the tub.
    While they’re great for a relaxing soak, bathtubs are big, cumbersome, and many bathroom ideas for small bathrooms revolve around getting rid of your bathtub altogether. A dedicated shower stall can be installed into the corner of your bathroom and tiled in to create a personal shower space. If you’re especially tight on space, consider a borderless shower with a shower drain installed directly into your floor. When not in use, this will create additional space in your small bathroom and will make regular cleaning a breeze.

  1. Choose to stand alone.
    If you just can’t get rid of your bathtub, consider upgrading to a standalone tub design. Not only are standalone tubs stylish, but they can be placed almost anywhere in your bathroom that has plumbing access, giving you the creative freedom to redesign your bathroom to suit your needs.