The theme for You Capture this week and the story of my life lately!

We have so much going on these days, from trying to keep our homebound chaos to a minimum to chasing Mackenzie around to launching new websites and making meetings for our web development/ business consulting/marketing company… it’s all wonderful stuff but also very time consuming. And somehow I’m still managing to put food on the table and keep my sanity without too many headaches. Well, aside from the migraine I have today but I’m dosing myself with thieves oil so hopefully that will soon pass!

So let’s get to it!

What it looks like when Mackenzie has been keeping busy.

And my ever growing to do list (without which I would be thoroughly lost).

And let us not forget the extremely busy Ayla, whose rough life involves alternating between sleeping on her back, eating, begging for something and guarding the farm.

And how about a busy bee pollinating a flower?

And then heading off in search of more flowers…