Dear Mackenzie: Can it really be 3 years already?

Dear Mackenzie, Today you are turning 3 years old. It hardly seems possible that on a rainy, very cold night three years ago your daddy and I were heading to the hospital. That 9 hours later, through many hypnotherapy recordings and mutterings from doubtful nurses and...


Mackenzie 35 months

Dear Mackenzie: Let’s go fly a kite

Dear Mackenzie, I can hardly believe that you’re almost 3 years old. The first 35 months have just flown by! You have just become the most amazing little person, learning so many new things every day and continuing to make us laugh all the time. You’re...


Dear Mackenzie: Stop growing up so fast!

Dear Mackenzie, My deepest apologies for this late letter. I totally spaced on Sunday, and well, I have no excuse for yesterday… You are such an amazing little girl already, and so full of life and laughter. I can’t believe that at only 34 months old, you...


Dear Mackenzie: Are you almost 3 or 13?

Dear Mackenzie, You have such a vivid imagination. You are always coming up with some sort of game to play. You recently started picking up your baby monitor while it’s in the charger, sing-song saying, “Ruf-ruf” in a high pitched voice (kinda like...



10 Great Things About A Waldkindergarten

Mackenzie is going to be starting pre-kindergarten at the beginning of November (if we get things moving along with the potty training) and we thought she would be ending up in a regular, run of the mill preschool setting down the street from us. We have two...


Dear Mackenzie: You are just too cute

Dear Mackenzie, You are now 32 months old — going on 32 years. Well, no, thankfully you’re not that wise or mature yet, but you are pretty incredible. You’ve now been to a second funeral, sitting still and mostly quiet for the entire day (with a...