The room in your home that gets the dirtiest the fastest is your bathroom. You, your family, and your guests are in and out of the bathroom several times a day. During this time, things can get pretty messy.

If you are like most people, you dedicate one day of the week to clean the whole house. While this is fine for certain rooms like the living room and the dining room, the bathroom needs more attention than just one cleaning during the week.

If you want your bathroom to remain clean and sanitary, you should clean it every day. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours each day cleaning. If you follow a few daily bathroom tips you can clean your bathroom in about 5 minutes and it will be clean and presentable each time someone uses it.

Wipe Down the Sink and the Vanity

The bathroom sink can get dirty very quickly. When people brush their teeth, water and toothpaste can get in an on the sink. When your family brushes their hair in the bathroom mirror, hair can get all over the sink. If you and your family use hairspray and styling gel, it can build up in the sink.

To quickly clean the sink all you need is a spray bottle full of cleaner and a microfiber cloth. If you are wondering what is microfiber, it is a type of cloth, however, it is more effective than a typical cloth because the microfibers attract and collect hair and dust. To clean the sink, simply spray the surface with your cleanser and wipe it down with your microfiber cloth.


Clean the Toilet

The toilet can get dirty very quickly. If you clean your toilet properly, you should be able to do so in just a minute or two. Start by pouring your toilet cleaner into the toilet and let it sit. Next, use your spray bottle and your microfiber cloth and wipe down the outside of the toilet, including the toilet tank. Finally, use your toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl.


Clean the Mirror

Hairspray, fingerprints, and sprays of water and toothpaste can build up on the mirror. To clean the mirror, you simply need a bottle of glass cleaner and a paper towel. Simply spray the mirror with the glass cleaner and wipe it down with the paper towel until there are no streaks.


Quick Sweeping

To keep the floor looking clean, you need to do a quick sweeping. The best way to quickly clean the floor is to use a microfiber broom. The microfibers on the broom’s pad will collect the dirt, dust, and hair on the floor, therefore, you won’t need to get down on the floor with a dustpan. Depending on the size of your bathroom, this should take just a minute or two. Also, if you have rugs on your bathroom floor, take them outside and beat them out quickly.


If you handle each of these tasks properly, it should take about 5 minutes to clean up your bathroom. Since you should have no problem finding an extra 5 minutes in your day to clean, your bathroom will always be clean. When you do your weekly cleaning, you can worry about washing the floors, cleaning the bathtub, and emptying the trash.