garden link upThere have been some really useful things coming across my screen lately when it comes to planning your garden for spring — which I know will be just around the corner despite this wildly cold spell we are having here in Germany right now. Thinking of spring and seeing the tulips I planted indoors coming up while it’s about 0°F outside is really keeping me going…not to mention all the wonderful sunshine we’ve had with this cold.

I thought I would share some useful pins from the last few weeks that will hopefully get you inspired and thinking about what your garden will be like very soon. You can check out more of my gardening pins on Pinterest along with my other interests. 🙂

This one I actually shared on FB as well, but it’s just so fabulous that I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. I really great visual guide to companion planting, this is one of those charts you’ll want to reference often when planning your garden.

All rights reserved by Nigel Hawtin

All rights reserved by Nigel Hawtin

Thinking about putting together a compost bin but just aren’t sure how to get going? Here’s a tutorial for a great 3-bin compost system that will have you creating rich, perfect compost in no time. (We seriously need to see about doing this ourselves since our current system isn’t cutting it.)


Short on planting space or just have an old dresser you want to find a new purpose for…how about turning it into an herb or flower garden? Or some old tires?


Or maybe you’d prefer to turn some old galloshes into planters? I think this idea is really fabulous and would look great near your entry to your home or garden.


These little garden markers caught our eye the other day and are too cute. They also wouldn’t be too complicated to make with a little bit of artistic ability.

DIY garden markers

What inspiration have you come across lately? Do you have your own collection of gardening ideas on Pinterest you’d be willing to share with us? Just scroll down to link up below. 

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