Everyday stress and anxiety can really take a toll on one’s mental health. So, you have found a perfect outlet and successfully created a flower haven in your backyard where you can escape to. Now that the hard work is done, you only need to maintain it.

Some maintenance tasks such as flower grooming need devotion if you want your flowers to keep looking good. If you have ever cared for a lawn, you probably know that flowers require less care than grass, which means that you will have an easier time with them. Maintaining a flower garden is not an around-the-clock task; it can wait until you have time for it.

Collecting the Necessary Tools

Here are some of the basic tools that you will need to care for your flower garden:

  • Buckets – you need to purchase several buckets, as they will come in handy for carrying water or soil.
  • A hand trowel – a trowel looks like a tiny shovel and you will use it plenty of times in your gardening. A high-quality trowel usually costs the same as a shovel. You can use a trowel to transplant bulbs and small flowers as well as to enlarge the holes that you have dug. Think about buying one for weeding and a different one for digging.
  • Scissors – a pair of household scissors made of aluminum are great for trimming foliage and lightweight stems. You can even trim larger handfuls. By using pruning shears that would not be possible.
  • Pruning shears – before you buy shears, try them out and see if they are a comfortable fit. When holding the handles open in your hands, the shears should not extend past your fingertips. Although good shears are expensive, they will stay sharp for longer and you will find replacement parts faster when they wear out.
  • A stiff-tined rake – this rake is great for spreading mulch and smoothing out the soil surface. Use it with the tines facing down when spreading coarse materials and facing up for fine materials.
  • A spade or a shovel – you need a shovel or a spade to dig holes and mix amendments into soil.
  • A garden cart or a wheelbarrow – a garden cart or a wheelbarrow is a back and time-saver. Purchase the one that you can handle easily.

Buy the Right Tools

Always invest in the most high-quality tools you can afford because they will last longer provided you take care of them properly. Cheap tools have the tendency to break easily. When buying gardening tools, do not finalize the purchase before testing them.

A bad fit for your gardening tools will only guarantee severe backaches and blisters. After finding out which tool fits your grip, you can order it from a catalog. Because small tools can get lost in your flowerbed, paint them in bright colors to make them easier to spot.


Rent Huge Tools

Although gasoline-powered machines help with large projects, they also take up too much space and are costly. Borrowing or renting such machines whenever you need them is more feasible. You will have to rent them by the hour.



Flowers usually wither and die when put inside a vase. Whether transplanting them from your garden or buying seeds from reputable sources, like Seed Needs, you will have to deadhead your flowers at one point for the following reasons:

  • Deadheading will improve the look of your garden.
  • Dead flowers usually scatter seeds all over your garden and you end up with too many flowers per square foot. This means that you need to deadhead flowers before they form seeds.
  • Remove the fading flowers of perennials that stop blooming after they form seeds.

To deadhead correctly, you simply have to cut the dead flowers off. Use pruning shears if the flowers are heavy and thick or scissors for lightweight stems. You just have to cut the stem below the flower bud.