One of the main questions about home warranties is what exactly will it protect the home from? There are many protections that good home warranties can protect us from, and the main one, of course, is the cost of repair of items within the house. Nowadays there are trusted sites that can help homeowners understand how the process works, along with details on which companies offer the best home warranties.

With that in mind, here is a list of things home warranties protect:

  1. Refrigerators – Having a refrigerator keeping out food chilled and frozen is a necessity of living these days, so keeping the fridge in good repair is always important. To wake up one morning to find it broken can be a nightmare. Fixing refrigerators can also be costly affairs, so a home warranty will definitely be helpful handling these issues.

  1. Ovens – An oven is a kitchen appliance that is probably more important than a refrigerator when it comes to food preparation. We need to have our food prepared and fully warm, to fight against the bugs that can be caught from uncooked meat (as an example). This is a repair that can’t wait, so having the funds to fix it can be imperative.


  1. Washer/Dryers and the Dishwasher – While not as important as food preparation, having clean clothes and the ability to easily wash dishes can be something we can’t live without, we just don’t have the time to live without them. That is why these appliances make the list too.

  1. Televisions Imagine having to survive without a television? While there are a few that would boast they have no use for one, many of us enjoy the entertainment of watching television, or other devices that can show our favourite programs and movies. Again, another costly fix if it occurs without warning. We can live without it, but would we want to?


  1. Air Conditioners – Again, this is something of a luxury, but in warm climates the hell of no air conditioning is a nightmare. Having your hard working air conditioning unit break during a heatwave can be very unwelcome, so it easily makes the list of things a home warranty can help you with.

Home warranties offer you the ability to get your appliances fixed, but always remember that the work has to be done by workers that are approved by the warranty company. The home warranty is giving you the ability to pay for the fixing, but it also has to be done in the correct way. Always be aware of that when looking to get things repaired.

In this age of home technology and appliances, we need to be able to have the safety net to protect us at all times. If you still need a good reason for a home warranty, answer this simple question, do you have the funds to handle unexpected repairs? The fact you’ll have to double guess the answer then that is the reason why.