Multitasking has become increasingly popular with time-stressed families, and many decorators now choose kitchen appliances that deliver an astonishing range of services and shortcuts that rival the capabilities of professional restaurants. Simple appliances that only serve one function are being phased out, and not only do these new appliances offer energy-saving features, but they can also help you plan dinner, check your email or even tell you what the weather will be (like a Samsung fridge already on the market.)

In the 1920s, manufacturers began marketing refrigerators and home electrical appliances for family kitchens. Early models often concentrated on basic functions, but engineers today take interior design seriously, and home appliances add distinctive focal points to any room’s décor by giving decorators choices of sleek appliances in modular designs. Home cooks and amateur chefs can now store and prepare foods just as well as accomplished chefs.

Remodeling projects add tremendous value to homes, and energy-efficient appliances often cover their retail costs in the long run just because you end up saving going forward on utility bills. Homeowners can choose from stainless steel appliances, subzero freezers, built-in ice makers and water dispensers, and microwaves and ranges that integrate steam functions or rotisserie grills for amazing versatility when roasting and baking foods. Interactive ranges have built-in recipe memories, cooking-time presets, and other smart-stove features. Cooks enjoy intuitive touch screens, and some appliances include connections to the Internet. There are even washers and dryers being introduced to the market which will communicate with other devices in your home and your smart phone to tell you if your clothes are dry, if there is a problem with your water connection, or let you tell the washing machine to not add that fabric softener to that clothes cycle after all.

Simplify your pantry & fridge inventory with this LG fridge that allows you to scan your shopping receipt or individual items, including keeping a record of expiration dates. Photo: LG Electronics

Induction cooking, available for many years, has become more popular in the United States recently. This cooking method gives cooks better control of temperatures, faster cooking times, and dramatically lower energy bills. Warming drawers for foods have become popular in many homes because most families eat at staggered times. Multitasking appliances often fold away out of sight when not used, so families have more space to work and eat.

That multitasking trend works well for both small and large kitchens. Retrofits of larger homes often include show kitchens and smaller prep kitchens, and double-duty appliances work effectively in either environment. Homeowners, decorators and consumers can shop for appliances online and get great bargains on top brands at websites like Appliances Connection. Customers can choose from name brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, GE, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Bosch.

Stoves and ranges have become designer showpieces in many homes, and these include whimsical range hoods and designs that look like sculptures or chandeliers. Frosted-glass appliances have also become trendy for many culinary designers, but some people have returned to the clean look of basic white kitchen accessories.

Homeowners can save money by combining kitchen functions in one appliance, and the popular trend means that consumers can find appliances that fit all budgets and save energy. High-tech designs offer many choices for modern kitchen remodeling, and consumers enjoy an astonishing array of cooking options by shopping for the latest appliances online.