When you set on a mission of designing or decorating a house, you don’t just commit to choosing what kind of paint will be used for the walls or what kind of couch will go in the living room. You are committing to making the entire ensemble look amazing and that includes the exterior of the house. That being said, it’s very important that you know the principles of exterior design so that you may apply them in your own instance.  In case you don’t know where to even begin in terms of exterior design, check out these helpful tips on the subject:


Make it look good from afar

It’s important that visitors and passersby remark the beauty of your house way before they’re anywhere close to the actual front door. This means investing a bit of time and effort into things like the fence. The fence is an important component of your exterior design strategy, and the difference between a wooden fence that’s starting to rot and aluminum fencing which will last longer and provides a completely new design, which one do you think will have the bigger impact?

The way from the gate to the doorbell should be a journey

When people set foot into your yard and proceed to advance towards your front door, they need to feel like an entire adventure is taking place. There are many things that can spike up that rather short distance walk, but making sure that you nail those elements can make for a pretty good first impression. Make sure that the pathway is light with something eye pleasing, like a set of garden lamps or yard lights. Having flora on each side will also enhance the view.

Add furniture

Furniture is another very important part of your exterior design. You might think that it’s rather useless or forced, but in reality it’s a really smart move. If your goal is to impress your friends or family, then you definitely need some wooden furniture in your garden. You don’t need a lot, just a couple of chairs or a decently sized bench. If you happen to have the convenience of acquiring a swing, you can consider yourself golden in this department.


Invest in the view with proper mirrors

There used to be a time when picking out mirrors was an easy task. That was also the time when home design was rather boring. Today, you have the luxury of choosing between multiple types of windows, all offering something special to the overall mix. For instance, if you’ve managed to craft quite a lovely view of your garden or back/front yard, you could get some modern mirrors that cover the entire wall from top to bottom.  Of course there are other elements worth considering in this department such as how easy it is to clean or how accessible ventilation is.