It’s summer and sometimes the heat can cause you to do crazy things. If you’re on vacation and it’s someplace exotic, you might lose your head.

Of course, the words “holiday” and “exotic” mean different things to different people; staying at a luxury resort would be hell for some — strapping on a rucksack and venturing into gorges, valleys and jungles would be madness to others.

But almost all of us try eating something a little different sometimes, and here’s where the resort-dweller can be a little more sure-footed in their salad. Whether you’re going to be venturing off the beaten path or just hanging by the pool, it’s important to know what to keep your kids, pets and person away from.

The following infographic by Spalding Bulb shows some of the plants that you should definitely refrain from trying – no matter how adventurous you are. Don’t you just love infographics?


Provided by Spalding Bulb