Being a messy person is so much more than just having an untidy room. Not being able to organize your belongings could signify a cluttered mind. Yes, it is true that some of the world’s most eccentric & talented people are known for being messy but generally, people who are messy are inclined to be disorganized and flustered in other aspects of life too.

As parents, you want what is best for your child so your goal is to instill values in your child which will help them grow into sensible and responsible individuals. Raising them to be neat and tidy can teach them responsibility and instill in them the importance of keeping yourself organized.

Here’s how you can raise your kids to be neat and tidy:

  • Begin early
    Developing new habits becomes harder as you age, therefore it’s best to begin early; your child is less likely to dispute an instruction when they are younger. When your child leaves their toys scattered in the room, make it a point to tell them to clean up after themselves. Telling them a few times will be enough to get them to do it on their own.This is around the same age you need to teach them about hand hygiene and keeping themselves germ-free.
  • Assign tasks
    As your child grows older, you can begin to assign them chores that go beyond their room. Giving them chores around the house will give them a sense of responsibility and let them know how they can contribute around the house. If you’ve been telling them to be clean from a young age, they will accept their chores and do them to the best of their abilities.Be clear about your expectation. Let them know that you want them to fold their laundry and put that away into their closet, don’t be vague because they will just find excuses to not do it.
  • Make it fun
    Making their chores fun will stop them from being resistant to them. If your child enjoys music than put on some upbeat music and get them started. If you have more than one kid then turn their chores into a race, that way they are motivated to finish quickly and do a good job at the same time.
  • Clear out the clutter
    Get in to the habit of discarding (or donating) toys and other stuff your child doesn’t use. Some children will stop parents from throwing away their belongings this is where you make them promise to keep the place clean.

    Also, when you make a point to clear out the clutter every six months then your kids have less to make a mess out of.

  • Set out a good example
    If you’re a messy person then your kids won’t mind being messy either. Don’t expect your kids to be clean if you don’t care enough to keep things neat yourself. Parents who emphasize cleanliness are more likely to raise children who are uncomfortable being in a mess.