garden link upHappy Friday to ya! I hope you’ve had a great week.

I’m all kinds of focused on our seedlings right now. It is incredible how much progress the seedlings have had in the last week, despite the fact that it’s been a bit chilly in our kitchen. The green beans are just about to take over the bins and pretty much everything but the peppers have sprouted.

Actually, there are serrano and a jalapeno that have sprouted…but I’m not too concerned about them since peppers always seem to take a while to get going.

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I am thoroughly loving these bins, although I did switch to watering them with a small bottle versus all the misting. My mist was such a fine spray that I had to spritz for what felt like forever twice a day, which just wasn’t working out for me. And Mack isn’t strong enough to use that mister so I couldn’t even solicit her help. We’ll see if I still like them in a week or two when I have to get those beans out of there, though!

The cucumbers (above) are mostly doing well. I’ve got space for 8 plants, so I have to see if  need to start thinning out any smaller plants yet since so many of the seeds actually sprouted.

And the spaghetti squash (seeds harvested from one I bought in the store) are already starting to get their first true leaves.

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The army of tomato plants is also growing well. Actually, I’ve got to start doing some thinning here too. I hate to kill innocent little plants…but sometimes it just has to be done.

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And it took a while, but the celery is also coming up. You see those teeny, tiny little green sprouts — that’s them! This is my first time growing celery, but I’m going to try to stagger them a bit so that we can keep a few plants going throughout the year. I’ve heard you can even bring them indoors during the winter for fresh celery during the winter. The stuff you guy here is so stringy and tough — I can’t wait to try the homegrown variation.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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