When we got up on Saturday morning, we noticed that a water stain had developed on the ceiling in the former dining room. This room is directly underneath the bathroom we had installed upstairs and the water stain is right underneath the shower. Stefan said that he recalled getting in the shower one day, perhaps a week ago, and hearing a loud crack. The floor creaks and groans a bit under the shower anyway so he didn’t think much of it.

Our first thought was to call Macky, our contractor, and make him come out immediately. But since it was Saturday and Stefan was on his way to motorcycle classes, we decided to wait. When he got home it was time for a cleaning frenzy since our friend Jenny was coming over to have dinner. We still owed her an Aerosmith t-shirt and had to tell her the full story about the show since she is also a big fan. After all the cleaning we went upstairs to shower and change and as Stefan was standing in the shower I noticed a gap between the caulking and the edge of the shower basin.

This seems to have been the cause of the leak. Instead of waiting for a few days or weeks for Macky to get around to us, I have sealed it with silicone myself. I really am getting pretty good with that stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So now we’ll have to put some Killz on it (well the similar stuff they have over here) and keep an eye on it to make sure no more problems pop up. I guess not having insulation between the floors isn’t such a terrible thing – at least when we have a leak the water drips right down and around the beams so we can see we have a problem. With insulation it would probably just get trapped up there and who knows what might start growing!