A lot of users for these smartphones download apps to keep them entertained. Most download games and entertainment applications but not a lot of it area really productive. If you are a busy person that have to do a lot of things on-the-go, you will find out that there are a literally thousands and thousands of applications that can help you with work and productivity. However, searching for the right and more important ones can prove to be a task. SO here are some few applications that can increase productivity of your phones/gadgets.

  1. Evernote (iPhone & iPadAndroid)
    If you ever need to take down notes but have no paper and pen, you can use your smart phone to do that. Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app that allows users to input notes, photos, voice recordings, PDF files and content from websites into it. Aside from that, it can be synced with other devices that have the same app so that you can access it whether you are on your iPad, iPhone, android phone or tablet, or your PC/Mac! I use it to organize my recipes, plan vacations, hunt for apartments, declutter, keep up with my life and so much more! 😉
  2. Any.DO (iPhoneAndroid)
    This application works just like your daily planner. It has a very simple and easy to use interface that allows you to organize your schedule and agenda. You can even share your to-do list with other users by syncing the devices together.
  3. Flipboard (iPhone, Android)
    If you are a heavy social network user, this might be just the right app for you. With flipboard, you can put all your social networking accounts in one place and keep track and be up-to-date in all of them without having to open individual apps. It displays all the information in a magazine-line layout which is far more intuitive and fun to read.
  4. Dropbox (iPhone & iPad, Android)
    Dropbox is a cloud storage system that allows you to transfer files between devices so you won’t have to send large files through the email or transport them through a pen drive. Dropbox is awesome for passing along photos of your vacation to friends, sharing files for projects you’re working on, uploading your ebooks to your phone and making sure you have all your important documents handy when you need them.
  5. Pocket (iPhone, Android)
    If you are often interrupted while reading things on the web, or come across something at work that you would love to read later, Pocket is perfect for you. You’ll never have to remember what that link was or where you found information at one point, because this app allows you to bookmark text, videos or images on the web that you want to get back to. Plus, you do not need the internet connection when you revisit the content. BTW, this used to be called Read It Later, which was a pretty cool plugin for Chrome — but now it’s all grown up! 😉
  6. Skype (iPhone & iPad, Android)
    Skype is an app that allows you to send and receive calls or texts and turn your mobile device into a full-on communication device. It includes video calling as well, which makes your phone even better than it already is. It helps especially for those who are out of the country as they may be contacted without difficulty. What’s best is, if you have internet connection, there are not extra charges and you can surely save a lot of money.
  7. TripIt (iPhone & iPad, Android)
    If you are always on the move and traveling for business, you need this travel organization app. TripIt can turn your flights, hotels and rental car confirmations into travel itineraries. Now, you are organized and can even share your travel plans without hassle.
  8. Kindle (iPhone, Android)
    Now, you can read your favorite books without having to carry a bunch of them around. You only need your phone and you can spend hours and hours of reading. You can shop for books, sync it in your ebook library and even go to as much as customizing your reading experience with choices of font, font sizes and background colors. Plus there are lots of free Kindle books available every day, so you’ll never run out of reading material!
  9. Documents to Go (iPhone & iPad, Android)
    This app allows you to view and even edit files in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint from anywhere. It can also open PDF files and syncs with a whole lot of other applications.
  10. Do It (iPhone & iPad, Android)
    Doing so many things in so little time can be a drag. This app allows you to organize and regroup. The tasks that weren’t accomplished within the day can be flicked to tomorrow’s list so nothing is left forgotten.