Maryland may be small, but it’s rich in history and has a booming and diverse economy. It can vary wildly in weather and geography over its 10,460 square miles and is often called Little America due to having just about everything that makes America great. From the pristine coastline to the Appalachia Mountains, Maryland has a lot to offer for people of any age. Whether you are thinking about moving to Maryland or just interested in learning about what makes Maryland great, here are 10 underrated things about living in Maryland.

10 Underrated Things About Living in Maryland

  1. Incredible Small Towns – Although Maryland is close to some of the biggest cities in the United States, the small towns are a sight to see. The many quaint small towns you can visit in Maryland have been around for hundreds of years, each with its unique history. There are exceptional shopping experiences and dining from the many small businesses that keep these small towns thriving.
  2. Diverse Museums – The state is close to some of the most significant historic sites in the United States and gives you access to monuments and museums that you won’t find anywhere else. You can visit some of the exhibits from the Smithsonian or take a trip to the National Aquarium. There are a lot of museum options available that you could visit a new one every week.
  3. Stunning Beaches – Maryland is a coastal state on the Atlantic Ocean with several beautiful beaches you can visit. You can spend time at some of the cute coastal towns or enjoy several water activities, including boating, fishing, and swimming at many beaches around the Chesapeake Bay.
  4. Some of the Best Seafood Around – Maryland has some of the best seafood on the east coast. You can enjoy some of the best local crab, mussels, oysters, clams, and fresh fish. Maryland is best known for its crab and crab cakes that you can enjoy just about anywhere in the eclectic dining available in Maryland.
  5. You Get All Four Seasons – With the location of Maryland being not too far north or south, you can enjoy a temperate climate for most of the year. You still have snowy winters and hot, humid summers, and it is the perfect place to be if you like to live in a place where you get the four seasons. The weather can also be unpredictable, with warm days surprising you in winter and large shifts in temperatures over the summer. When you’re a homeowner in these changing climates, home maintenance is essential to ensure your home is in peak condition, no matter where you live.
  6. Close to Big Cities – Maryland is small, but its location is perfect for those who need to commute to larger cities such as Washington D.C. or New York. Maryland can offer an incredible place to live without the high price tag of living in the city. Even if you don’t work in the big cities, they make for an excellent day adventure when you want to explore.
  7. Lots of Outdoor Activities – Maryland is divided into several areas with different types of geography, creating a state that anyone can love. It’s the perfect state for people that love the outdoors and love to hike and mountain climb, or even if you like a nice stroll through a picturesque park. Several beautiful state and national parks span from the coast to the mountain ridges. You can enjoy a coastal lifestyle even if you don’t love the mountains. You get to experience the best of both worlds.
  8. Growing Job Market – Maryland has plenty of job opportunities as the tech and trade industry grows. You can also find work in Government and Federal agencies in Washington D.C.
  9. The Homes are Charming and Eclectic – The homes you can find in Maryland can be diverse themselves. From older, charming historical homes to old factories that have been turned into condominiums, you choose a home that fits just about any style. Caring for your home is made easy with good maintenance and care with the right support from the right team.
  10. Great Schools – If you have a family, Maryland has some of the best private and public schools in the United States. Schools tend to rank higher in testing on average compared to the rest of the nation. Not to mention there are some incredibly notable colleges in the state, including John Hopkins University.

Maryland has some of the most unique and diverse communities compared to the rest of the United States. It can accommodate people of any age and personality whether you are single or looking to raise a family. Bob Ehrlich said it best “Every Maryland family wants financial security, schools that work, quality healthcare, safer neighborhoods, and ever-expanding economic opportunity. These are the building blocks of a superior quality of life.” These qualities can be achieved and more making Maryland one of the best places to live.