As Christmas grows near, there are a ton of things you can do to embrace the season and increase the holiday cheer. And when the school holidays start, you may need even more reinforcement to keep them from being glued to the TV, computer or game console. Here are 16 holiday projects that you can do together with your kids during the Christmas season. Not only are these projects for fun, they can also be useful and wonderful stuff to decorate the house with.

  1. Felt Christmas Tree
    I LOVE this idea because it might get your toddler away from the real Christmas tree for about 5 seconds — and it’s super cute! They can decorate it however they like, and older kids can help you make the tree.


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  2. Cinnamon Cut-Out Ornaments
    Your Christmas tree is bound to be more amazing after hanging cinnamon-scented ornaments. The kids are going to have fun mixing it up and the adults will have a pretty hard time resisting the sweet scent.
  3. Homemade Ginger Bread House
    This house is ever-present during the holidays. Build your dream house in an afternoon and enjoy the yumminess of it all! Or if that’s all too much work, try making a gingerbread house of out graham crackers instead.

    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  4. Bake Christmas Cookies
    Mackenzie started helping me in the kitchen when she was old enough to sit on the counter. Yes, it usually takes longer and it tends to get messier, but she has always loved it — and even more so now that she’s 4. This is a great time of your to share a wonderful moment with kids in the kitchen while baking these delicious Christmas treats. And then you can package them up for gifts so you aren’t forced to eat them all yourself! 😉

  5. Silverware Stocking
    Stockings do not necessarily need to be hung. They can also be created for more useful things, like holding your silverware when you set the table for the holiday feast. These stockings from felt and a bit of fabric will make any holiday table shine and your kids will be so proud when you tell your guests how they helped you make them or made them by themselves!


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  6. Upcycled DIY Stockings
    Now this is the stocking you can hang. All you need is a few old wool sweaters and some basic sewing skills. Kids can help you pick the sweaters at the thrift store, lay out patterns, cut and maybe even sew a bit. And I love that the whole family can have coordinated stockings with each one still remaining unique!


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  7. Green Kid-Created Gift Wrap
    Christmas is as good as any season to go green. You won’t have to buy wrapping paper from the store to wrap your presents with. With some recycled brown paper grocery bags or big pieces of white paper, you’re good to go. You can even use newspaper. Have the kids decorate them with lovely designs using any type of art supples you have around, potato stamps, fabrics or whatever else they want. Be sure to check out the other eco-friendly Christmas ornaments and decorations in hereas well!

  8. No-sew Holiday Apron
    Leave it to Martha to think of this one. Christmas is a busy season for the kitchen. Kids can help out and sport a no-sew holiday they made on their own. Make it part of your advent calendar tasks the day before the big bake-a-thon! 😉


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  9. Easy Coffee Filter Angel
    A Christmas tree isn’t complete without a hanging angel ornament. Make Christmas even more special this year by allowing your kids to make the angel themselves.


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

  10. No-melt Snowman
    Here’s a version of snowman you don’t have to worry about melting as these are made of fondant and can last as long as you want it to.

  11. Christmas Banner Craft
    Make your house more joyful by adding on a Christmas banner that you and the kids made with easy-to-find materials and the easiest steps to follow. There’s many ways to make one and you can use what you already have around the house. Everything from burlap or other fabric to make the banner if you want to sew it…or make a no-sew version with foam tiles, ribbon and scrapbook paper.

  12. Christmas Gift Tags
    Christmas is a season of giving gifts. Have your children contribute with all the wrapping that you have to do by allowing them to come up with unique gift tags for each present. This cute gift tags use cookie cutters for stencils and kids can help decorate them with all sorts of things.

  13. Santa Claus
    Santa is a star when Christmas season comes. Don’t let the kids miss out on making their own version of Santa Claus. This one is great even for the littlest of kids.

  14. Sock Snowmen
    With a few old socks, a bag of rice and some buttons and ribbon, you can have your own super cute snowmen in no time — and they’d work great for festive door stops. No sewing required!

  15. Reindeer Puppet
    Santa’s reindeer surely do not want to miss out on all the celebration. Have the kids make reindeer puppets to pull on Santa’s sleigh.  They can even pick out the reindeer template they want to use, or mix and match for some really crazy critters. 😉

  16. Santa’s Sleigh
    Santa can’t travel around the work without his sleigh. This may be a challenging project but would be good for older kids. However, mom or dad can always come to the rescue to help the young ones make their Santa a sleigh.

  17. Truth in the Tinsel
    If you really want to bring home the meaning of Christmas to your children (from ages preschool to elementary), this is the perfect time to buy the new and improved Truth in the Tinsel! You’ll be able to spend the first 24 days of December teaching the true spirit of Christmas to your kids with Scripture readings, craft projects to make special ornaments for your tree, talking points and extension activities. Plus Amanda has put in a ton of fun printables and templates too! It really couldn’t get much easier and it’s all planned out for you.


    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest



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