When friends ask you about your hobbies, you always have a ready answer: “anything that involves technology or home improvement projects.”

Here is some great news for the DIY weekend warriors of the world: you can find ways to combine both of your interests. Now that summer is approaching, the following three high-tech DIY projects would be great options for many homes:

Install a Home Security System

If you have been meaning to install a home security system for some time, the nice weather will make it easier and safer for you to get up on a ladder and place the cameras around your home. Start by choosing the type of camera you want for your property. Lorex offers wired, wire-free and wireless options that are ideal for a wide variety of DIY skill sets. Probably the most user-friendly option is a wire-free security camera system, as they run on battery and can be placed just about anywhere inside and outside your home. You can also opt for a wireless security camera system, which is also easy to install, but will require a power outlet to plug in to. Choose where you want to place the cameras, purchase the amount you need and spend a Saturday afternoon getting your DIY tech fix — it’s a win-win situation for sure.

Your kids no longer want to run through the sprinklers on hot days and you are tired of standing there with a hose watering your landscaping. To get some electronic help with this chore, consider installing a Digital Water Electronic Hose Timer from Melnor. This gadget allows you to set up to four cycles a day, each with its own start time on certain days of the week. The large screen is easy to read and displays the information clearly, and if there is rain in the forecast, the rain delay mode will halt watering for up to a week. When you want to do some manual watering, simply click the “manual” button and get your green thumb on.

Invest in a Pool Alarm

If you have a backyard pool, you can have the sturdiest fence surrounding it with a self-closing and locking gate. But sadly, determined kiddos can figure out ways around these safety features and end up in the pool, sometimes with tragic results. To up the safety ante, consider installing a high-tech pool alarm — it will also help let you know if an intruder is in your pool area or your pets get into the water. If you are unsure which pool alarm would be best for your budget and DIY abilities, Top Ten Reviews recently posted a list of eight of the loudest and most effective pool alarms — they tested them out with people, a leaf blower to simulate a windy day and golf balls landing in the pool to see which alarms have what it takes to accurately keep your loved ones safe.

Enjoy the Weather and Your Two Hobbies All at Once

Before we know it, summer will arrive and it will be too hot to get much outdoor work done. Take advantage of the lovely weather to experience your top two hobbies at once, all while improving the safety, security and appearance of your home’s exterior.