If you’ve been thinking of hiring a mini bus such as from Limo Find, and planning the perfect trip to Disney World then you’ll be sure to want to make the most of your time there. If this is your first trip to Disney World, you don’t want to waste time getting lost, navigating the park. Nor do you want to waste money on mediocre food or unnecessary extras.

To make you or your child’s first trip a success be sure to follow our Disney World tips for first-timers.

1. Don’t Stay at the Resorts 

The Disney World resort hotels are expensive because you are staying inside the complex and they can charge a premium.

Whilst it may be a great experience to stay overnight in Disney World, the reality is you are not missing out on that much and you can get a much better value hotel by stepping outside.

If you stay within walking distance of the parks you can still get their early in the morning for opening time. Although, Disney World now offers discounted mid-day tickets.

If you are going to stay further out be sure to arrange a cab or shuttle in advance rather than relying on Uber if you are hoping to arrive as soon as the park opens.

2. Prioritize What You Want to See

Disney World is big. In fact, you could fit an average Disneyland 51 times into Disney World. And with 20.8 million visitors a year it is no wonder it is that big: it has to be to accommodate half the population of California or Florida every year.

This means you are not going to see everything in one trip even if you plan on spending several days at the theme park. Trying to see everything and racing from one side to another will also not make for a great experience. You and your children will benefit from enjoying the moment.

But at the same time, there are going to be rides and amusements that you have to hit. Prioritize what you want to see for your first trip to Disney World by making a list.

3. Map It Out 

One of the best Disney World planning tips is to map out your route for the day or week. Whilst you don’t want to cram everything in and spoil your time, you can use your time more effectively by planning your route so that you hit more spots.

Booking a VIP tour is another way of ensuring you see everything you want to see on your first Disney trip. Be sure to discover more.

Disney World Tips for First-Timers: Enjoy Don’t Cram

It would be crazy to think you can see everything in one go on your first Disney trip. But many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to be seeing something or on a ride of every minute of their pass. But this will spoil your fun.

Instead, be clear about what you want to see before you go. Consider booking a hotel outside of the resort so that you have more money to spend on food or a longer pass.

But finally, the best Disney World tips for first-timers are about planing your time and mapping your route out in advance. This way you can maximize what you see whilst enjoying the park at a leisurely pace rather than rushing from ride-to-ride.

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