Sydney has always been a favorite travel destination of many. With its astounding tourist spots, exciting activities, and outstanding food and wine, you are sure to have a great time at this vibrant city. Spending your vacation here will definitely be one for the books!

Traveling to Sydney will be a great way to unwind and have a good time with your loved ones. This capital city of New South Wales boasts of its iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach, and many other awe-inspiring tourist spots. You will never be disappointed in exploring this charming city as it offers tons of things to see and do to visitors of all ages.

More than Sydney’s popular attractions, there are also various unusual places you can discover while here. Simply plan your trip in advance and you will be able to make the most of your escapade. Here are a few quirky destinations you need to check out when in the city:

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Did you know that there is a sunken garden in the middle of Paddington? Now you do! Combining the thoroughly planned garden design and historic industrial building structures, you will be in awe with the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. Many people don’t notice this as much, but it is a good spot to stroll around the gardens and boardwalks as well as relax even for a short while. It is free to visit, so there is nothing to worry about anything.


Museum of Human Disease

If you are in for a way-out escape in Sydney, then head over to the Museum of Human Disease. It houses 3,000 specimens of diseased human organs, such as lungs, hearts, kidneys, and brains. Oh, what is more gruesome than that? There is no room for the fainthearted ones in this museum, so you’ve got to be ready. More so, this museum is not just created to make you feel frightful, rather to remind that you need to take care of yourself all the time. You need to keep an eye of your health and never take it for granted.


Justice and Police Museum

Experience another strange journey at Justice and Police Museum. Found in 1991, this interactive museum is where you can discover the criminal and forensic history of Sydney. Once you set foot to this museum, you will witness a huge archive of crime scene photography and mug shots. Artefacts of the city’s sensational crimes are collected here and you will certainly have a one-of-a-kind trip visiting this museum.

Those who are up for some uncommon activities when in Sydney can check out these attractions specified above. It is going to be a fun and unforgettable vacation, for sure. Also, be sure to book a hotel accommodation in Sydney ahead of time to enjoy your trip more. Certainly, you will have the time of your life when tripping this lovely city. There is more to it than its mainstream spots, so make it a point to add these places in your Sydney itinerary.