Traveling like a local or rather living like a local is what 2019 travel is all about. But when you don’t know a country all that well you need to live it up to truly experience it. Here are the top tips to travel in Australia like a local to find out what Australia is all about, immerse yourself in its culture and delight in its beauty.

It’s all about the food

Foodie culture in Australia is strong. Really strong, like their coffee. To truly experience Australia, you’ll need to visit the local coffee shops that abound the local markets and inner city hotspots. You’ll also want to check out a food van or two. For Aussie’s though, it’s all about the coffee. Like in many other countries, Australian’s like to start their day with a coffee, but you won’t find true foodies hanging out at the local Starbucks. Instead you’ll find them sipping long blacks and flat whites (with non-dairy milk) in hipster coffee shops for a small fortune. To reduce your travel costs you’ll also need to head to the supermarket and stock up on Vegemite and other local fare so you don’t end up paying a fortune on avocado toast every breakfast and brunch.

Road trip it

Exploring Australia like a local means going on a road trip. Every long weekend, holiday or even standard weekend sees many Australian’s packing up their camping gear and heading out for a road trip up or down the coast. If you’ve never experienced a standard Aussie road trip before then stick to the coastal routes along the Eastern highways where there’ll be many terrific scenic spots along the way, local produce and vineyards to enjoy and more white sandy beaches than you could ever need. Of course, you’ll need a car and we don’t suggest renting in Australia. It can be a lot cheaper to buy a used car in Aus then rent a vehicle for a few days while you experience the east coast or go inland. If you’re going to be sticking to the major cities (which while important to see we don’t suggest only visiting cities on your Aussie trip) act like a local and make use of the often free or cheap public transport options to keep costs down.

Get out and explore

For Aussie’s life is all about exploring the vast plains and wilderness whenever they can. Take advantage of your break and join them. Get around on foot as much as possible to explore the big cities but don’t forget to do the same in the outback to truly experience Australia’s incredible native animals and flora. You can find some of the longest tracks and trails in the world that can take several weeks to complete. If you’re up for the challenge discover the Overland Track through Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed trail or experience the outback in the Larapinta Trail across the West MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory. To really experience the outback you’ll need to camp out under the stars. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent.

Slip, slop, slap

This one sounds weird to anybody but an Aussie. If you’re going to be spending loads of time outdoors (and you are) then you’ll need to slip, slop, slap. Slip, slop, slap is the name of an iconic marketing campaign to help Australian’s keep safe in the harsh Aussie sun. Slip on a shirt, slop on some 50+ sunscreen and slap on a hat. Recently it’s been updated to slip, slop, slap, seek, slide to seek shade and slide on some glasses (or sunnies as Aussie’s would say). This message has been truly absorbed into every Australian’s psyche and as a tourist you’ll need to live as the locals do to keep safe while traveling.