Your honeymoon is going to be one of the most romantic vacations you ever take. Whether you’re side-by-side on a beach sipping Mai Tai’s, getting a couples massage, or exploring ancient ruins, your honeymoon will no doubt bring the two of your closer than ever before.

Is there anything more you can be doing to strengthen your marriage while on vacation? Yes! Here are 3 love tips to strengthen your marriage while on your honeymoon.

1 . Live in the Moment Together

When you are on your honeymoon, one of the biggest love tips you can follow is to live in the moment. Do things you normally wouldn’t do. Your honeymoon is the best time to explore and be adventurous.

Put your phones away. Free WIFI is a great time to upload photos to Instagram and update your friends and family about what a blast you’re having, but don’t spend so much time on your cell phone that you’re missing out on your own vacation.

In a survey of 308 adults, nearly 50 percent admitted they felt they were being phone-snubbed by their partner. This act, called “phubbing” means that one partner will ignore their spouse while playing on their smart device and studies show it’s bad for your marriage.

Phubbing leads to lower relationship satisfaction and depression, which are the last things you want on your honeymoon!

Do your best to put your phones away while you’re on vacation together and enjoy the scenery around you.

2 . Communicate Openly

The last thing you want is to fight or feeling awkward or uncomfortable on your own honeymoon. That’s why communication is so important.

Being able to talk to your partner about anything is the backbone of a healthy marriage. Without it, a marriage will not stand the test of time.

Newlyweds should take their honeymoon as an opportunity to have open and honest communication with their spouse.

Talk about the good

When many people think about communication, they think about resolving arguments or having tense discussions about serious topics. But communication is about more than turning negatives into positives. It’s about talking with your spouse and continuing to get to know one another.

You can start the day off right on your honeymoon by talking about all the things you loved about the day before. Communicate about your relationship and how happy you are.

Another thing you can talk about is where you want to go or what you want to do for the day. As well as a couple may get along, it doesn’t mean they always have the same interests in mind. Perhaps the husband loves laying on the beach, but the wife loves to explore the city. Communicate about your itinerary and compromise on activities so that you both have the honeymoon of your dreams.

Know how to communicate

Know when to speak

Here is another one of our favorite communication love tips: know when to speak.

You wouldn’t want to tell your spouse that you’re not enjoying yourself while you are smack-dab in the middle of an activity that you can’t get out of, like a day cruise. This will make your partner feel anxious or helpless about showing you a good time.

The last thing you want to do on your vacation is to make your spouse feel bad. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just smile and move on.

Continue getting to know each other

Another great way to deepen your love on your honeymoon is by asking get-to-know-you questions with your spouse.

There is always more to learn about your partner, and asking open-ended questions is a great way to draw each other out and connect on a deeper level.

3 . Make Time to Be Alone Together

One of the biggest love tips to really connect on your honeymoon is to spend time alone together.

This may sound strange, considering this is your honeymoon. Aren’t you already spending every waking moment together? The answer is yes and no.

Research on what makes a happy couple found that married couples experience less stress and greater happiness when spending time alone together.

Yet, many couples find themselves so busy seeing the sights on their honeymoon that they are too exhausted to spend quality time together come the evening.

One of the best things a couple can do on their honeymoon is to find a way to relax and de-stress together. Have a couple’s massage, take a bubble bath, and be physically intimate.

The oxytocin released during physical intimacy is largely responsible for the deep bond that is created between married partners. This love hormone also reduces stress, acts as a natural mood elevator, increases trust, and has been shown to boost monogamy.

Deepen your love on your first vacation as newlyweds by maintaining open communication, living in the moment, and spending quality time together relaxing. And above all else – have fun together! These love tips are perfect for honeymooners that will give your marriage the perfect start.


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