Do you live near a large body of water like a lake, sea or ocean? Now that we’re down here on the Southwest coast of Florida and surrounded by water, and have friends with boats, it’s hard not to think about getting one ourselves. Especially because both Stefan (my husband) and I great up on boats.

Are you asking yourself the same? Well, lets talk this through together then.

Asking a boat owner if he should own a boat is like asking a car owner if he should own a car. Neither can see the alternative in a positive light. The boat owner can’t imagine living without the joy of skimming the waves on the open water and the car owner can’t imagine impatiently waiting in a bus depot to go places.

Of course, owning a boat isn’t to be considered lightly. There are plenty of costs and responsibilities in buying a boat for sale. And you’ve got to know how to handle your boat, read the weather and watch out for other dangers.


What Boat Owners Know

Boat owners know, through experience, a few things that landlubbers don’t know.

  • They know other boat owners are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet on the open waters or back on land.
  • They know the joy of being out in the open, with the wind in their sails and in their lungs. They love witnessing the open sky above them. They relish the meditative insights that come from pondering the waters around them for long hours at a stretch.
  • They know the camaraderie of working as a team to make sure that everything works. They relish the intimacy from relaxed conversations as the boat bobs along.
  • They know the thrill of racing through the waters as the wind fills their sails or their motorboat engine hits full speed.


Boat Owners Are Different

It only takes a few minutes of talking to a boat owner to recognize that boat owners are different.. They love to be out in nature. They can’t imagine sitting in front of a computer all day surfing through Facebook posts. They have a spark of romance and poetry in their souls. They view things with serenity, understanding, and courage, aware of the pulse of change. Their believe that the magic is in the journey, not docking at a destination.


Boat Ownership Is Easy

There is an urban myth that boat ownership is difficult. It’s considered either too expensive to buy a boat or too time consuming to maintain it. In actuality, owning a boat is easy. You can find affordable boat loan rates to help you buy one. You can find just the type of boat that appeals to you. And you can get all types of help on where to dock your boat, how to maintain it, or where to sail on your day off.

How much does it cost to finance a car? On average, this is about $200 a month. You can get many boats for the same amount you’d pay for auto financing. In fact, it will be easier to get a boat loan over a car loan. This is because banks know that boats have a longer life and will finance one for a longer term.


 4 Reasons to Own a Boat

Boating is much more than water skiing, fishing, or speeding through the open waters. Suppose you take the plunge—you decide to go all in and buy a boat. What can you expect?

Here are 4 reasons why you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

  1. There is an abundance of lakes or seashores. Almost 90% of us are less than an hour away from a large body of water.
  2. You will experience a new lifestyle. It’s hard to worry about your finances when you’re out in the open waters. It’s difficult to remember what your boss said as seagulls squawk playfully above you. And it’s almost impossible to be gloomy when you stand before the glory of sea and sky. Life is just better on a boat. You’re the captain of your life, master of your soul.
  3. You will get to know people so much better when you hang out with them on a boat.  Boating is a great opportunity to spend time getting to know people. You’ll bond with family and friends. You’ll align with the great adventure of life with the camaraderie of a few boon companions.
  4. Nature is much more enthralling than the enticing world of virtual immersion. We often live our lives in a second-hand way. We live vicariously through the stories people share on Facebook. We live vicariously through some TV drama. We live vicariously through some video character’s escapades on floating platforms. When boating, you stop being a spectator and become a participant. You stop watching and start to feel fully engaged.


So, Should You Buy A Boat?

Boats are affordable and while they do need maintenance, so does your house and car. Looking after anything valuable requires some level of care and responsibility. But, the costs of owning a boat—time, money, and effort—pales in comparison to the joy of owning one. So think about how much time you could devote to it, know that it’s going to be worth it, and take the plunge.

Boating relieves the stresses of life and allows you to create new experiences. It helps you feel closer to your loved ones as you embark on boating adventures together, and it exposes you to a myriad of rewarding activities. The pleasures of boating range from water skiing to quietly drinking in the breathtaking beauty of nature with family and friends. And the sunset cruises cannot be beat!