Using solar panels on your home will help you save in many ways. Keep reading for 5 key tips for choosing the best solar panels for your home.

Thinking about adding solar panels to your home?

Solar panels are a big investment but can pay off big time in the long run with electricity savings and increased home value. But picking the right solar equipment and installer can be a challenge. Read on for help choosing the best solar panels for your home and finding the right contractor to get the work done.

Is Solar Right for You?

Before you begin looking at solar panels and inverters, it’s important to decide if solar is right for you. Solar power is an investment. You’ll pay for the equipment up front but may not see a return for some time.

While your utility bill will decrease, it will take time to offset the high upfront cost of solar panel installation. It’s also important to understand the cyclical nature of solar. In some areas, you might not be able to draw quite as much power at all times of the year.

Understand the Costs

Installing solar panels isn’t cheap. The panels will likely pay for themselves in the long run, but the installation will cost you. Costs vary by location but expect to pay between $10,000 to $15,000 for a solar power system for an average size home. Make sure you do your homework and shop around. Get a feel for the number of panels your house will need and what other equipment, like inverters, are best for your needs.

Ask Around

Since solar power is still relatively new, it’s a little more difficult to get a good idea of the experiences others have had with the power source. Rather than just taking the installer’s word for it, try finding a few people in your area with solar panels and talk to them about their experience. Learning from someone who has direct experience with a product is usually the best way to figure out if it’s really worth it.

Choosing the Best Solar Panels

Just like any other product purchase, it’s important to do your research and figure out which solar panels are right for you. The right solar panels could make a big difference in the amount of electricity you’re able to generate. Cost should also be a factor. The most expensive option might produce the most power, but if it takes you significantly longer to recoup the cost of your investment, they may not be worth it.

Pick the Right Installer

While there are plenty of solar contractors to pick from, not all are equal. Take some time to talk to other solar users and read any reviews you can find on potential solar installers.

Your Turn

Choosing the best solar panels for your home takes time and research. Solar panels are a big investment, so it’s important to pick the right panels and an experienced and competent installer.