Trends will come and trends will go but there are always certain things that will never go out of style, these timeless fashion statements should be deliberately embraced and known to every man wishing to look good. If we have a quick look at each of these and think about what makes them work then we can really get a little bit of an idea about the essentials of fashion itself. We know we’d usually give much more of a focus on women’s fashion when we tackle the topic on this website, but today we’re going to give a bit of much-needed focus on classic male fashion.

T-Shirt & Jeans

You could simply not do a timeless male fashion article without giving a nod to the simple yet iconic jeans and t-shirt combo, we can go back to the glory days of Hollywood movies to see the legend James Dean sporting this look.Now it can be seen worn by young students and kids to dads and even grand-dads, the appeal is so wide that everyone and anyone can pull it off.

Shirt & Sweater Combo

The casual shirt combined with a nice sweater is maybe unexciting to some, but you can’t argue with results and it’s been around forever. You can get away with this look at any stage of life and it says relaxed at the weekend but with a slight air of respectability combined in there. So it’s a good, safe, choice and can work in a large range of situations, for example, you can add in the tie as well for a little more formality.

Suit & Tie

The classic office male’s working attire and although there are some premature commentaries about its demise, there is always going to be a place for this bastion of formal-wear. It shows that you mean business, very literally, when you arrive in suit and tie, you never see your lawyer turn up in business-casual, for example, any classic shirt, tie and suit is the look. You can get a great suit from any number of reputable men’s formal outfitters such as us.

Vintage Knitwear

There’s often a lot to be said for vintage knitwear, it may occasionally fall out of fashion for brief periods but it always bounces back, stronger than ever. You just need to look at products such as Pringle sweaters, Arran Jumpers and Cashmere. There is always going to be an audience for such high quality, traditional items.

Long Coat & Boots

In the winter months there is nothing that says classic male fashion like a long overcoat and sturdy, well-cobbled leather boots, and the absolute beauty of this look is that works in conjunction with so many other classic looks, take any of the other styles we’ve talked about and you can see that it works with jeans, or with sweaters, even a suit and tie, well minus the boots perhaps, but you see the general point here.