We know the struggle of making a rented space feel like ‘home’.

When living in your own place, you have the luxury to renovate it anytime you want. However, with rented space, there are endless limitations. You cannot paint the entire house, bring massive interior changes, etc. But no worries! We have some tricks that will help make your rented place seem like yours, and that too on a budget.

Scroll and discover ways to cover up outdated interiors without messing up your property owner’s house.

Start with Tiles

Once we tried to chip away the unsightly tiles in our rented place, and it did not go well. So, if your property owner does not let you bring creativity into the apartment by replacing the tiles, you can try innovating with our harmless trick. All you need to do is conceal the tiles with sticky and peeled papers. This is a smart and fast way to bring a whole new look to your outdated bathroom and kitchen tiles. Moreover, this inexpensive renovating trick leaves no residue and makes the place look brand new.

Except we would still suggest discussing it beforehand with your proprietor so that your effort does not go in vain.

How About Introducing a Gallery Wall?

There might be a time when you thought creating a gallery wall of your apartment ruled your memories.

Well, you can do that again. However, this time, you do not have to worry about nailing the photo frames and causing any damage to the property. All you have to do is shop for frames that are made of plastic or light wood.

These types of frames not only create a sticking gallery wall but, with the help of command strips, they leave the wall undamaged.

Making Home Smart

In the modern-day, home renovation is all about making homes ‘smart’. Except, you cannot make a home smart without filling it up with high-end technologies. But since this blog is all about upgrading your home with budget-friendly tips, here is one more.

Xfinity is a budget-friendly and smart way to upgrade your home technology. Xfinity Home is an innovative security system by Xfinity itself that will not only make your house look modern and upgraded but its amazing features bring comfort to your lifestyle. For instance, while connected to Xfinity internet Wi-Fi, you can control lights and appliances through your smartphone. You can also get a live video from the HD camera in your home through the Xfinity app.

Throw On Some Paint

As we said in the beginning, coloring your rented apartment can be a dangerous move. However, some landlords and apartment owners allow their tenants to paint walls.

However, before you make the next move make sure you have asked the property owner about the changes you are trying to make in your place. Once you are allowed, make sure you do not go overboard with the idea, keep the changes minimalistic yet striking.

Find Space for Large Art Pieces

Just because you cannot nail the large art does not mean that you cannot have them. It might take some effort for you to change the posting of your furniture, but doing so can make a whole lot of space to place large art pieces.

You can simply place the large frames against the wall and give your home a stylish look.

Wrapping Up 

Lastly, keep everything organized. You can bring a homely feeling to your rented space by making some slight and harmless changes. Starting from tiles and leading to art pieces, there is a little trick to every up-gradation for rent homes.