When you host a party, statistically, about two-thirds of your guests will actually show up.

If you wanted to boost those numbers, you could always think about creating a unique party.

Do you love escape rooms and want to build your own? Use these tips to design your own DIY escape room and keep the party going.

1. Have a Good Goal

One of the best ways to design a good escape room is to have a good end goal for your puzzles.

Make sure you set a goal for your players, like having to solve all the riddles within an hour or reach a certain milestone throughout the night.

You can make the end goal either unlocking the final door in the game, solving a puzzle, or figuring out some secret code.

When the teams sense they’re getting closer to the end, the excitement and suspense will start to build, making the game even more enjoyable.

2. Have Several Different Kinds of Puzzles

To make the game interesting, you should combine all kinds of different puzzles. If you use the same ones over and over, it’ll likely get too repetitive and your players may lose interest.

You should have them solve puzzles by trying to unlock different locks, solve jigsaw puzzles, or decipher a code.

3. Use Your Imagination

When you’re designing the game, you should use your imagination.

An escape room with a story line and general theme will be much more entertaining than one that doesn’t seem put-together. You want to really immerse your guests in the experience.

If there isn’t a good story or a goal, an escape room becomes just a series of puzzles and riddles people may feel like they’re solving for no reason.

By telling a story through the escape room, your players will feel more connected and invested in beating the game.

4. Incorporate Locks

Along with riddles and puzzles, you should also incorporate some locks.

A bike lock is a great way to lock a bedroom door or a box. If part of your story involves having your guests get out of a locked room, a bike lock would be a great way to imprison them.

You can have your guests solve other riddles to figure out what the combination could be.

You can also use different padlocks to hide other clues and riddles. This is your chance to really be creative!

5. Decorate the Room

Lastly, you should also make sure you decorate the rooms you’re going to have your guests playing in.

The decorations you put up will largely depend on the theme of the escape room. For example, f you have a horror-themed room, you should look for some Halloween decorations or other spooky items.

Learn More About How to Create Your Own DIY Escape Room

Creating your own DIY escape room can be a lot of work, but the enjoyment your guests will get from it will definitely pay off. Following these tips will ensure your party is the talk of the town!

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