Are you dreaming of a calm and peaceful garden that you can retreat to when you feel stressed or run down? Do you come home from work and wish your garden was just a bit less haphazard and better coordinated? Whether you have a tiny outdoor area at the front of an apartment or 2 acres of walled garden, you can create a relaxing and tranquil space. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve it.

Comfortable and inviting seating

Seating should be not only welcoming to the eye but extremely relaxing. You want something that you are reluctant to get out of once you sit down! Reading a book or having a bit of a snooze is hardly going to be much fun when sitting on a hard, upright chair. Go for something with lots of padding or something that you can just sink into and chill. Many outdoor sofas come with seats and backrests that have lots of padding. Waterproof ones can be horrible to spend any length of time on, so it’s a good idea to get cushion covers that are made of soft fabrics and take them indoors when you think the weather might be taking a turn for the worst. Garden swings and hammocks are a fabulous way to relax. Swings come in lots of different styles and sizes, and many are very padded and exceptionally comfortable. Hammocks are to die for if you fancy a nap or want to chill for a bit. Lazy Sunday afternoons spent swinging in the garden are hard to beat!

Add some relaxing sounds

Adding speakers to your garden will allow you to listen to relaxing music whilst you are chilling out. If you don’t want to go to the hassle and expense of having anything wired in and speakers erected, there are many wireless speakers you can link your phone or tablet to. Place around your garden and you can have surround sound in a flash. Classical music, for some, can be extremely relaxing, and listening to ASMR can get your body and mind into a state of complete calm.

If you prefer something more natural, there are many outdoor water features you can buy that not only look amazing but will create tranquil sounds to help aid relaxation. If your garden is quite small, fear not, there are many different wall fountains for outdoors which are great for space-saving.

Use light and airy colors 

If you have dark brown fencing surrounding your garden, think about painting it white or another lighter color. It can lift the look of a garden and make it look less drab. Adding an array of flowers in whites and pastel tones can create a summery but relaxing feel in your garden. Plants and herbs look lovely in mixed media planters of different shapes and sizes dotted around the garden and patio. These coupled with some lush green lawn will make your garden space look very inviting indeed.

Add some soft and pretty lighting

In the evenings, when the sun is going down, lighting can completely change the mood of your garden, and there are lots of different options to choose from.  Solar lights on walls or fencing around your garden boundaries can create a feeling of luxury. Outdoor fairy lights can be added to trees and bushes and will make your garden look very pretty throughout the evening and into the night. Candles can also add a certain ambiance and are a great centerpiece for an outdoor table if you are entertaining and, if your garden is prone to mosquitos, citronella candles will work a treat.

Increase the feeling of seclusion and privacy

It is unlikely you will feel particularly relaxed if Mrs. Smith next door is staring out of her kitchen window to find out what you are up to! Creating an area that feels more private will help you relax and will give you peace of mind that no one can see you. If you have single slat perimeter fencing, adding another layer of slats will fill any gaps and create more seclusion and privacy. If budget allows, fencing panels will do the same job and may look even nicer. If you can’t do much with your garden boundaries, trellis fencing is an alternative way to create different sections and zones in your garden. It may provide some much-needed privacy and allow you to create a little personal retreat within your garden.