As spring fades into summer, you’re probably in the same boat as many other people: You’ve done some spring cleaning and found a bunch of old stuff you don’t need anymore.

Should you throw it all out, donate it or sell it? It’s a hard question to answer. You must think about what might be worth selling and what you should give away.

Sometimes things hold value you might not realize. Read on to learn about a few things in your house that could be worth something. You might end up being able to make some money for your spring-cleaning efforts.

1. Old Video Games

As time goes on, video games continue to be a beloved hobby. They’ve gone from being something kids play after school to being part of online international sports competitions.

See if you still have some of the first video games or consoles you ever got. The older they are, they more classic they’ll be. That is especially true if you have any aged Nintendo console or game. Look inside your closets to find any potential video games, and then look them up on the internet to find out what they’re selling for.

The key is to never sell them somewhere that will pay you a low price for it and then sell it at a store. Places like those are known for ripping people off, so it’s best to sell it yourself through an online platform.

2. Polly Pocket Toys

If you grew up or raised kids in the early ’90s, then you’ve heard about Polly Pockets. They were an overnight trend that kids always wanted more of.

These toys were less than an inch tall and came with their own world that folded up into a case. Do you have any still somewhere around your home?

Any Polly Pocket toys that are from the pre-Mattel days will sell for the best price. Collectors are always looking for the next Polly Pocket set, and they’re willing to pay big for them.

3. Commemorative Coins

Lots of people have loose change lying around their homes, but not everyone has commemorative coins. Have you ever received a coin minted to honor a significant event or person?

Take time to read about commemorative coins to determine if you have any. They won’t be valuable based on their materials. Instead, their limited availability is what makes them worth something.

Look up any coins you have that may be commemorative to determine if they are. You can also call an appraiser to have them look at what you’ve found.

4. Vintage Advertising Signs

Big companies like Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup used to only be able to market through printed ads and ones they put on signs. These signs have come down over the decades, as different methods of marketing have come into play.
That means those signs have ended up in homes and one of those could be yours. Look for vintage signs that advertise food, drinks or even gas. They could be worth quite a lot to fans of the brand or the vintage sign industry.

5. Kansas Quarters

Machines often make production streamlined, minimizing the chance for mistakes, but not always. Briefly, in 2005, the machine that manufactured the state quarters had a “T” get stuck. That produced a batch of Kansas quarters that read, “In God We Rust.”

These won’t be worth as much as a Pokemon card, but you could still get a couple of bucks if you can find a collector who’s willing to buy. The key is to clean up the quarter before you sell.

6. Vintage Lunchboxes

Picture the old metal lunchboxes that had all the classic cartoon characters on them. Do you still have any in your attic or closet? Depending on which characters the lunchboxes have on them and what their condition is, they have been selling for thousands of dollars.

Take yours to an appraiser to figure out what exactly it is worth. If you’re not carrying it with you to school anymore, you’re going to be better off with a chunk of cash in your hand instead.

7. Old Typewriters

Thanks to hipsters, typewriters are making a comeback. They’re popping up in thrift stores around the world, but what is their asking price?

You may have an old typewriter in a closet you used to use or that you inherited from someone else. Before you take it in for an appraisal, make sure it’s worth something. Does it work? Are all the keys intact? Another influencing factor will be what brand it is.

The best thing you can do after reading about the value of different typewriters is to show it to an appraiser. They’ll be up to date on what the market wants and what qualities of your typewriter will or won’t sell.

When in Doubt, Get It Appraised

You don’t need to be fully prepared to go to an appraiser. Their job is to notice details you may not spot and gauge what an item is worth. If you feel confident you have something of value, they’ll be happy to do business with you.

Look around your home for some of these items that may have been collecting dust over the years. Commemorative coins, toys and playing cards may have been things you wanted at the time, but now you’d be better off selling them for a profit.

Research what you’ve found online to see if there’s a market for what you have, then set up an appointment for an appraiser to get a better price estimate. For a more relaxed approach, you can always set the price yourself and sell it online if you can figure out the cost based on what other buyers of the same item have been willing to pay.