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In some ways, 2011 feels like it has been underway for a long while already. And then I look at the date and realize we’re only 11 days in. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been doing so much work and gotten so much done already, or if it’s a sign that I’m attempting too much…but either way, I’m looking forward to great things happening in 2011.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank some of the blogs and bloggers who have sent me referrals in 2010. Blogging has a lot to do with your networks of people and the ways in which you’re marketed to others, and I’m really thankful to have not only found some great challenges and link-ups to participate in that I enjoy, but I’ve also learned a lot from these people as well.

So here goes:

The Top 10 Bloggers Who Showed NOH Lots of Luv in 2010

  1. BodyRock.tv

    You remember when I was crazy at the start of last year and started doing the BodyRock program with Zuzana, right? Boy was she kicking my butt…literally. But I fell off that horse and after the accident definitely wasn’t ready to get back on. But you should go check out her new site anyway because it’s way more user friendly. Plus she’s gone to black hair (which I’m not sure I like) and is in better shape than ever! You can also check out other BodyRockers in action!

  2. IShouldBeFoldingLaundry.com

    I really {heart} Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry. She has an amazing eye for photography and the cutest family…and I hope that 2011 holds only the best things for her and her family as she’s trying to start her own photography business. If you’re in Chicagoland and would love to get some natural light photography done, be sure to enter her giveaway! And if you want to polish your own photography skills and have a bit of fun in the process, by sure to join the weekly You Capture challenges.

  3. TheThreeCheeses.com

    The Three Cheeses is a cool foodie blog which happened to feature my oh so popular newspaper pots tutorial a while back…Thanks!!

  4. NoApathyAllowed.com

    This blog is written by one of my fellow expats who lives near Hamburg and whom I met at the WEBMU last fall. She writes insightful and more serious posts, and takes some amazing photographs. And hopefully she will be fully back on her feet soon after a nasty fall. Her site was down as I was writing this but I’m hoping that’s only temporary.

  5. CarriesBusyNothings.blogspot.com

    Carrie has been on the blogging scene for about a year now and you’ve probably seen her commenting around NOH. She’s a kindred spirit who has some very big plans in store for 2011 which include renovating the house next door to hers! Oh how I wish I could just download our renovation knowledge into her head… πŸ™‚

  6. GrowingEdge.com

    I had the great privilege of guest blogging on The Growing Edge last year about our first aquaponics system. The website is overflowing with information about gardening in all shapes and forms. And Tom is just a lovely person who has a vast wealth of knowledge locked inside his head.

  7. ResidentOnEarth.com

    Jen is not only writes a fun and interesting expat blog, but she is an incredible photographer. I could learn so much from her. I also got to meet her in Hamburg and she lives not too far away from us. Yet somehow, we still never get together.

  8. Home-Steady.blogspot.com

    A homesteading blog where you can really see it all in action…their latest posts are about harvesting honey. Yep, way more advanced in the crafts of homesteading than we are! πŸ™‚

  9. NotDabblingInNormal.wordpress.com

    A great blog about gardening and home of the Real Food Challenge, they were also kind enough to mention my newspaper pots tutorial back in 2009. If you’re planning a garden this year, you really owe it to yourself to go check out their blog as they’re starting to prep already for the spring. And I have to say, I really hope we get our act together this year too!

  10. OhAmanda.com

    Amanda hosts the wonderfully popular Top Ten Tuesdays that you know I love participating in. In fact, now that you’re done reading this top 10 list, why not go check out a few more??

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