Water tanks are great for harvesting and storing rainwater for irrigating plants and gardens. In Australia and other parts of the world, you will normally find them hidden away in the backyard among the bushes or close to the home. In fact, they aren’t usually known to be a beautiful visual feature in properties even if they may sometimes become a town landmarks.

But who says that water tanks have to be outcasts? The following photographers have been able to capture the beauty of water tanks, and water tank supplier SunshowerOnline.com presents the following portfolio of amazing photos.


Satoshi Sakurai captured this amazing photo back in 2006. The photo is reminiscent of scenes from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with the tin man. Although, others feel that the photo reminds them of a moon landing craft from the 1960s.


William Bullimore captured this amazing photo of this water tank by night in the outer regions of north-eastern Australia. The subtle light glow is complimented by a series of trailing stars. He was able to take this shot with a long exposure over 40 minutes. The glow between the tank and the trees are breathtakingly beautiful.


Steven Luckett captured this amazing picture of an old water tank just as the sun was setting in the English midlands. Steven was able to capture a rainbow of colours that really draws you into the picture.


Kweber 22 captured an interesting combination of a water tank with artistic graffiti next to a windmill in the middle of a field. The baby’s face that is painted on the water tank triggers a sense of innocence, while the empty field in what seems to be a rural area provides the perfect backdrop that makes the photo spellbinding.


Kiki Kentucky captured this interesting shot of a water tank at Princes Lake in Indiana in the United States. The lighting from the sun, which appears through the clouds, is sombre and casts a gloomy mood over the picture. It almost looks like a painting, however the striped red colours of the water tank help to bring the photo to life.


Jens Zimmermann captured an interesting image of New York with water tanks that are used on top of apartment buildings. From the picture, you can see that the water tanks are quite old, but provide the perfect contrast to the building’s red brick and the blue sky in the background.


Hopenfox captured this photo, which portrays the image that most people would envision when visiting a farm. Although many modern farms use state of the art irrigation systems and water tanks, there are still many farms that keep their original water tanks on their property for display or other practical uses.


Photographer Frabjous days captured a patriotic image of one water tank in Europe. The Swedish flag was painted onto the water tank. The exact reasons are unknown, but it is good to see that the spirit of patriotism was alive in that home.


Jeffrey Beall took an amazing picture of this water tank in the snow in Colorado. The water tank itself is historic in Colorado as it assisted with the development of their railroad. The contrast of the old wooden water tank structure with the modern shed and mountainous ski slopes provide an interesting layered background that is aesthetically appeasing to the eye.


These are a just a small sample of beautiful water tanks from around the world that were captured by amazing photographers. Although they are great to use practically for our irrigation needs, they can also be the perfect feature for taking photographs.

Are there any beautiful water tanks from around the world that you think should have made the list? Leave your comments in the section below.