Well, it’s almost 1 pm and we’re not yet to Locarno. We’ve got 102 km left according to TomTom which should only take us about an hour…but we’re a few km from the start of the tunnel with full traffic jam. The problem is that they regulate the number of cars that go into the tunnel at once with stop lights, only letting a few cars enter at a time. So the traffic can back up quite a bit. Add to it the fact that it’s Easter and tons of people are traveling and you see the dilemma. But last year the we sat in an even longer line of traffic so hopefully things will get moving again soon…

The weather is still beautiful and we’re sitting here with the windows rolled down. It’s a bit cool without a sweater but it should be perfect in Locarno.

Ok, so we’ve seen both police and ambulance cars now so there could be an accident…not great. But the traffic is still moving a bit so we just have to wait it out. Thank goodness we filled up with gas a while back. As it turned out, we tried to stop there on our first trip down here but we
weren’t familiar with the way the pumps work. There are no attendants at the station; only the pump. After pulling up to 3 unattended pumps, we finally stopped to inspect one and found that there are credit card readers and money readers at the pump. So this time at least we didn’t any trouble.

Ok, we’ve gone a few hundred feet in about 15 minutes….yuck.