There is a common misconception that the more expensive the remodel the higher the return on investment.  But this is not always true.  In fact, it is often inexpensive and less labor intensive remodeling projects that yield high returns. Bathroom remodels are no exception.  On average a mid-range bathroom remodel earns homeowners a 69% return on investment.  A high-end luxury bathroom remodel only offers a 60% return on investment. The following bathroom remodeling ideas will offer you the best return on investment.

Double Vanity Sink

For a short amount of time, homebuyers balked at the idea of a double-vanity sink, considering it more of a cleaning hassle than a positive addition to their bathroom.  However, in 2021 the double vanity sink came back into style.  65% of agents cite a double vanity sink as the number one bathroom upgrade.  The increase in the double vanity sink’s popularity has just as much to do with under sink storage as it does with additional counter space.  Everything from hand towels to toilet paper to soap can be tucked away under a large doubt vanity making the bathroom appear far less cluttered.

Replace Outdated Hardware and Fixtures

Nothing says an out of date bathroom quite as loudly as rusted old plumbing fixtures. Luckily changing your bathroom fixtures is one of the easiest bathroom upgrades. A rain showerhead and a dual showerhead are both highly sought after fixtures. In addition to spa-like shower fixtures, homebuyers are also interested in energy efficient smart fixtures. Automated showerheads with Bluetooth capability as well as touchless faucets with slow flow water capability are popular smart technology fixtures.  While you are choosing whether to go with a classic fixture or a high-tech fixture make sure to make your fixtures style and finishes. The most popular fixture finishes are chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, and matte black.  What finish you choose depends largely on the existing style of your bathroom.  At the same time that you are updating plumbing fixtures you can update cabinet hardware.  These may not match perfectly with your fixtures but they should be the same style.  For example if you choose a modern faucet, then you want your cabinet hardware to reflect a modern design as well.

Install New Flooring

A go to remodel project that will immediately make your bathroom look newer is new flooring.  Tile is the preferred flooring material for bathrooms because of its durability, and variety of types, sizes, color, and patterns.  Also, it is more cost effective compared to other flooring options. The most budget friendly flooring is vinyl.  While this does not have the same textured feel as tile it does come in a variety of designs and colors some of which mimic wood or natural stone. Two flooring options that are more expensive are marble and natural stone.  Both of these options are used in luxury bathroom remodels, which as noted before do not necessarily have as high of a return on investment as a mid-range bathroom remodel.  Marble floors come with drawbacks.  They are very slippery with the first drop of water and can be rather cold.  Natural stone, such as travertine, granite, and quartzite are beautiful but more porous so it should be sealed.

Replace Tub/Shower

This portion of the bathroom remodel will vary from one homeowner to another based upon what bathroom is being remodeled and how many full bathrooms are available in the house.  If you are remodeling the master bathroom, it may serve you to remove your bathtub and opt for a larger, walk-in shower.  Many homeowners are finding this to be a practical option especially when they rarely use their bathtub.  You should refrain from removing the bathtub if you are in a home that has just one full bathroom.  If you do choose to upgrade your bathroom with a shower and bathtub stay away from a whirlpool tub.  These have gone out of style very quickly because they are hard to maintain, break down frequently, and require large amounts of water.

Additional bathroom remodeling ideas that will have a high return on investment are upgrading light fixtures and investing in a modern or smart toilet. Both of these come in a huge variety of options however the best choices for both lights and toilet will be one that is energy efficient with a neutral design.  A fresh coat of neutral paint on your walls should be part of your remodel since it will instantly brighten up your bathroom and increase your return on investment.  The list of bathroom remodeling projects that will bring the highest return on investment are the ones that are practical and will appeal to a large population of homebuyers.  So don’t feel like you need to go over the top or find the highest ticket luxury bathroom items.  Stick with the basics, fix any plumbing or electrical issues and your bathroom remodel will bring you a large return on investment.