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It was born more than a decade ago, but his success and potential were so clear that Google did not take long to get hold of it. Since then, YouTube does not stop growing both users and publications. In fact, in 2017 the figures spoke of 500 hours of content uploaded per minute to the platform and an active user base of more than 1,500 million.

It is a number that leave anyone astonished. Some people also make a fantastic living on YouTube. These people are dedicated to upload content to the platform and generating significant income.

If you are one of them and you want to do it to earn an income, we give you double congratulations. This guide is going to serve you to register your new profile and, also, configure it to make money with the videos that you upload. If, on the other hand, you just want to start experimenting and unleash your imagination to have fun, it will also be quite useful. With all the steps that we explain here, it will be very easy to start uploading videos.

Publish videos on YouTube is something that requires a lot of patience, practice and a certain skill with the editing programs that exist, especially if you want to dedicate yourself seriously to it. But first of all you have to carry out something that is responsible for opening the door to this possibility, which is nothing more than creating a user account. Let’s start

Enter the YouTube website

This is the first and most logical step. Open the web browser that you use on your computer and go to the address bar that is available on the top. Enter directly on the Youtube home page.


Then, go to the top right and click on “Login.” In case you have a Google account created, you just have to enter it in the field that appears and proceed with the usual login; however, since we want to register an account, you have to click on “Create account”.

Enter your information

At this point, you have to complete the forms that appear. First of all, write your name and your surname in the first two fields that appear on the screen. Then, continue with an email address that you want to link to your profile on YouTube and, finally, end with a password that you will have to type twice.

It is important that this access key combines numbers and letters and, of course, that it is not shared with anyone to avoid misusing your channel or even nullify the risk of identity theft. When you finish, click on “Next” and you can move forward.

Confirm your identity

Now, YouTube sends an email to the indicated e-mail address to verify your identity before continuing with the process of creating the profile. Open the inbox of your mail and look for the one coming from Google, if you do not see it in your inbox, check out the Spam folder, maybe it’s there. Once located and inside, you will see a multi-digit code that you have to enter in the field that appears in the current step of the YouTube record. When you have written it, click on “Verify”.

Are you successful creating your YouTube Channel? Let us know in the comment below!