Your home is your castle and the way that you decorate and outfit it can make a huge difference to the comfort level and pleasing appearance that makes it your own space.

When decorating your bedroom, personal taste comes highly into play. It’s not an area of your home that is constantly on display but it is the one area that should provide comfort and beauty to its occupants. Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and it can sometimes be tough to add all the extra furnishings that come with a bedroom set.

Trying to maneuver a bed, bureau, side tables and wardrobe can be a challenge even in the most spacious rooms. If you are lucky enough to have closet storage in your room, the highly coveted storage space and openness it can provide to your room is a huge advantage.

In the case of smaller rooms, the most popular choice of wardrobe doors is a mirrored finish. Using mirrors as part of your interior design is an old trick that has been around for years. Not only does it bring an elegant visual appeal to the space, but it can help brighten any space with the reflection of available light.

Sliding wardrobe doors are ideal for any bedroom space especially if the measurements are tight. You can eliminate some of the heavy furniture pieces that you may otherwise need for storage as well as saving much more room than the traditional swinging doors allow.

Mirrored surfaces are popular in many places in your home. If you are trying to create a more spacious and open feel to your home, mirrors are the way to go. They can be stylish in any decor and in a bedroom, can give you the feel of a less crowded space.

Mirrored wardrobe doors can be customized to match nearly any decor or decorating style. Choose from a wide range of styles, edging or etchings, colour, tinting and metallic finishes. Have your doors become an eye-catching centerpiece as well as a highly functional addition to any room.

In many bedrooms, having a full length dressing mirror is a popular choice. With the wardrobe doors being already mirrored providing a floor to ceiling view there is no need to have an independent standing mirror that takes up additional floor space.

Use your mirrors to check out your daily outfits, dance practice of, to exercise in front of. You will be thrilled to have such an open view that not only gives you a full body image but makes your room look like it is twice the size.

Wardrobe doors can also be used as additional storage themselves. The interior sides of the doors can be used to hang belts, jewellery, small narrow shelving or a tie rack. With storage space at a premium, every little nook and cranny can be used to your advantage.

You can choose to have all your doors mirrored, or have a design where only one or two have the reflective finish. The option is completely up to you.