The kitchen is the center of many family homes. It brings us all together, fills us with warm and sweet snacks, and is typically an essential room in one’s home. How we decorate our kitchen can have a substantial effect on how well we interact with it.

Speaking of decoration, chalkboard vinyl is easy to apply, and all you need is a Pinterest project and imagination. Chalkboards are a simple feature, and you can do so much with just a little. Here are just a few of the ideas that you can bring to life when playing around with chalkboard kitchen decor.

What You’ll Need

When you undergo a chalkboard craft in your kitchen (or a few), there are just a few things you’ll need. That’s how easy chalkboard projects are. Get some chalkboard jar labels, self-adhesive chalkboard contact paper or a couple of chalkboards in different dimensions. Use high-quality chalk or chalk markers from Versachalkto help your projects come to life in vibrant, bright color.


Storage Solutions

Even the roomiest of kitchens benefit from economical and intelligent storage solutions. Creating chalkboard labels for glass jars is a great way to store multiple items with the ability to change the label as needed. Change labels on mason jar lids to reuse this long-lasting storage option.

If you have a pantry with shelves, you can use chalkboard labels to mark the shelves, changing them as often as the mason jars. More than food, you can use chalkboard labels to remind yourself what is in each of your cabinets, on bowls of leftovers in the refrigerator, and on dried goods.

Use a chalkboard in your kitchen and add not only a decoration piece but an organizational tool. Wherever you choose to hang it, above the cabinet or near the refrigerator is a good idea, for an easy-to-access grocery list. Quickly jot down that you need a gallon of milk or chicken for dinner before you have a chance to forget.


The Weekly Menu

Some even go as far as choosing a section of the wall to place a chalkboard with a menu written on it and meal prepping, a grocery list, or write positive quotes and messages for your family every morning. It can also serve as an excellent distraction for the little ones while you’re making breakfast.

Entertaining Friends

You can also have quite a lot of fun using chalkboard signs and labels when it comes to hosting dinner parties and holiday events. For each place setting, use a large plate as a setting for the dinner plate with messages such as holiday greetings or name markers. Create these mini chalkboard signs for place settings. These chalkboard labels will genuinely bring a great uniqueness to any dinner party.

Speaking of the holidays, these chalkboard labels make unique gift labels that are sure to impress friends and family. Re-use chalkboard again and again for mugs of cocoa or onto wine glasses to ensure that your aunt doesn’t take a sip of your drink at the next Christmas party.

If you consider yourself as not so much crafty, vinyl wall chalker is a great (and easy) option for wall chalkboard menus, labels, and more. Make your kitchen your own and create fond and lasting family memories. Through unique solutions such as blackboard storage labels and a homemade kitchen menu, you can make your kitchen the ultimate family gathering place.