Bohemian-inspired decor brings a whimsical look and feel into a home, perfect for free spirits and those who love the arts. The style often evokes a sense of adventure and curiosity, as the rules around creating a bohemian aesthetic are loose and vary from person to person. If you’re looking to create a free-spirited vibe at home, choosing the right furniture makes all the difference. Keep reading to learn more about how to select complimentary pieces for a bohemian-inspired dwelling.


When it comes to seating, a bohemian style home likely contains an array of options. It’s common to find non-traditional seating elements, like poufs, bean bag chairs, and floor pillows. You may even get creative and install an indoor hammock! If you’d rather stick to traditional couches and chairs, consider browsing flea markets and antique shops. Materials like worn-in leather and velvet in bright colors bring luxury while also sticking to the bohemian aesthetic. You might also opt for an elegant chaise lounge and decorate it with handmade pillows and throw blankets.

If you’d rather buy new furniture, many of today’s manufacturers bring bohemian style elements to modern pieces. When shopping at a furniture retailer to look for a sofa and chairs, be sure to check out the customer reviews beforehand. Online shoppers can also head to the following website to read through reviews on the latest items:


In addition to helping you get dressed for a night out on the town, mirrors bring more light and space into the home. When it comes to choosing a bohemian style mirror, the options are endless. A large floor mirror with an ornate brass border is a great addition to a living room or dining room. A small group of mirrors arranged in a pattern on a wall bring an artistic element to the space and create visual interest. Many bohemian-inspired mirrors have a macrame or fabric border, which creates a more cozy and casual vibe. Other eclectic mirror styles include mosaic frames and borders made of colorful gemstones.


Bohemian-inspired bedrooms typically feel romantic, whimsical, and a bit mysterious. The bed is often the focal point of any bedroom and sets the tone for the room’s overall aesthetic. To create a true bohemian vibe, opt for a vintage style brass bed paired with fluffy bedding and mismatched throw pillows. You could also choose a canopy bed and drape colorful linens and lace accents over the sides.

If you don’t want to purchase an entire bed, choose a bohemian-inspired headboard. Look for materials like wicker, rattan, and wood with an antique or natural finish. Velvet or velour-wrapped headboards are also very bohemian and luxurious. You can also convert your existing bed simply by adding the right bedding accessories. Add a few colorful pillows with tassels and velour or a new duvet cover with a whimsical pattern and texture.


The beauty of a bohemian-inspired home is not having to worry about matching every piece of furniture together. Eclectic storage pieces like bookcases, wardrobes, dressers, and cabinets are perfect for adding a pop of interest into the space. If your room contains mostly wood furniture, consider bringing in a rattan or wicker storage cabinet. Search for furniture with interesting accents, like mosaic-paneled drawers or antique-style knobs and handles.

Vintage trunks also make for great bohemian-inspired storage. Look for one at your local flea market or antique shop. Add a sturdy piece of glass over the top of the trunk to create a whimsical, conversation-starting coffee table. Place a vintage trunk next to your bed to double as a nightstand.