If you have grown tired of high utility bills and want to be independent from big energy companies, you may find yourself considering solar power. Though not suitable for all types of properties and roofs, solar power is growing in popularity across the nation. With plenty of state and federal government incentives in place to help with the conversion, now may be the perfect time to make the transition. But before doing so, here are some of the best solar panel kits for 2021.

Budget Panels

If you are in the market for solar energy but need to do so on a tight budget, consider the Astroenergy 365 panels. At $257 per panel, these have very low cost-per-watts at only 70 cents per watt, making them the best solar panels for homes or businesses that can’t afford a large investment in solar energy. According to Unbound Solar. “For most people, budget is the primary factor influencing decisions during the design process.”

American-Made Panels

If you want to get your solar energy from the best solar panels made in the USA, you may want to purchase the Heliene 320W solar kit. Comparably priced to the Astroenergy panels at $256 each, these panels have a cost-per-watt of only 80 cents. Featuring a performance warranty of 25 years, it’s likely that once installed they will last you for at least two decades. Since the price gap has closed significantly in recent years between American-made panels and those made overseas, this can be an excellent option if you like purchasing US-made products.

Premium Solar Panels

Should you have a bit more money to spend on your solar energy investment for your home or business, there are premium solar panels available such as the LG 375W. Twice as expensive as Astroenergy and Heilene panels, these LG panels come in at $513 each. Though having only 60 cells per panel, they are extremely efficient and in fact can be more powerful than many panels with 72 cells. Smaller in size, they are a good option for homes or businesses that want solar energy, but have limited space for panel installation.

RV/Mobile Panels

While most people think solar panels can only be installed on traditional homes and businesses, that is not the case. More and more, owners of recreational vehicles and even boats are converting to solar energy. If you want to join this group and have your RV using solar energy as you go down the highway, the Sol-Go 115 is often recommended. Small, lightweight, and easy to install in tight spaces, these panels also have the additional benefit of being able to be bent up to 30 degrees. By doing so, you can install them around curved surfaces.

Though it will likely require you to make a sizable upfront investment when converting to solar energy, the benefits that go with it are numerous. From increased property values, lower energy bills throughout the year, and the knowledge you are using a form of environmentally-friendly energy, making the move to solar energy is one that will save you money and provide peace of mind.