The world is in a bit of an in-between state these days. Covid variants keep coming and are only getting more infectious, leading many to still want the option of working from home. There’s also the fact that working from home has been proven to be more efficient for some jobs. However, many companies are fighting tooth and nail to get people back into the office because it fosters “community.” Many workers are responding by leaving their jobs and using the general job shortage to push for better working conditions. Take a look at some developers for hire to know more available jobs that might suit you.

At the same time, rising vaccination numbers and a general boredom with lockdowns are inspiring people to start traveling again. Attractions have been opening up and places like Disney are even putting on anniversary events meant to draw in huge crowds. The risk in this is that states are handling Covid differently. Some are still enforcing mask and vaccine ID rules while others are doing everything they can to pretend the disease doesn’t exist. Safety, or freedom depending on your viewpoint, is a big concern for would-be travelers.

All of this to say that you’re not alone if you’re “shopping around” for a new state, be it for vacation or to move to. A lot of people want an escape these days. So which states are the best to live in right now? Which states are best for traveling? Here are 5 states that will be the most welcoming and safe for people looking to work remotely and visit safely.

New York

New York, especially the city, might seem like the worst place to be during a highly-contagious pandemic. However, the state has been pretty on top of its mask and vaccine policies. This is especially true for the city, a place desperate to return to its status as a prime tourist destination. Since the state has a very diverse population, many of its companies should be accepting of one’s need to work from home. And if not, you have plenty of options.


This one is tricky, because you have to pick the right area. Some counties of Texas are very anti-mask, to the point where stores will hang “no mask” signs on their doors. Texas is becoming a popular place to move to, however, as it offers the perks of metropolitan life without sky-high rents. Take a look at the CDC tracker before flying to Texas to find the small bits where transmission rates are lower to find your safe zone.


As one of the more blue states, California as a whole has been very on top of mask mandates and vaccine requirements. However, that doesn’t stop Covid from spreading throughout the large populations of Los Angeles. Visiting should be safe as long as you keep your mask on, and thankfully most Californians will have theirs on as well. California companies have also been very accepting of letting employees work from home as long as they want.


Michigan is another one that’s safe if you stay outside major cities. It’s certainly less expensive to visit and live in than the other, larger states. The secret weapon of this state is Michigan sports betting, a huge up-and-coming industry. Online gambling’s legalization has led to a lot of business in Michigan, and there is a big demand for workers, remote and otherwise. 


This gorgeous state has a lot of natural wonders to explore and trails to hike. It also reports fairly low Covid cases, making it a safe place to put down. As the state is so spread out, remote work should be accessible. In fact, there are probably more than a few companies that want people to move to Oregon.