Many people believe that one of the best vacations you can take is a cruise to a foreign land or some exotic island. There’s just something amazing about relaxing out on the high seas without a care in the world. That is why millions of people go on cruises each year. Unfortunately, others see cruises in a different light. Those that are prone to motion sickness view cruises as trips filled with dizziness, headaches, and nausea. How can someone possibly enjoy a cruise with these afflictions? Thankfully, there are multiple ways to fight motion sickness and get you back to enjoying life on the high seas. Here are the best ways to avoid seasickness on a cruise.

Bring Medicine

One of the best ways to combat seasickness is to bring medicine that will help onto the cruise. You should consider this if you know that you are prone to motion sickness and frequently get sick on car rides and cruises. Medicine that helps with nausea and headaches is cheap and readily available in over-the-counter forms. If you’re still worried it won’t help, then you can try talking to your doctor and have him prescribe something stronger and more effective for you. Regardless of which form of medicine you go with, if you know you are likely to become sick make sure you have enough medicine to last you the whole cruise. You may even want to bring some extra just in case of emergency.  


Eat Well

It may sound weird, but eating well can actually prevent you from getting sick while you’re out at sea. Traveling on an empty stomach may actually be what causes your seasickness, so try eating a light meal a few hours before you leave port. In addition, make sure you are eating healthy while you are on the high seas. This means regularly eating meals without skipping any, and eating healthy foods. Try to avoid spicy and fatty foods, as they may contribute to your nausea and make you feel sick. However, if you maintain a healthy diet while you’re away from land, then you are much more likely to experience smooth sailing.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep can also be a great way to combat seasickness. Sleep deprivation can actually make you more susceptible to motion sickness, and could even enhance its effects. If your body is tired and lacking energy, then it has a much lower ability to fight off any kind of sickness. That’s why it is important to get rested up so your body is prepared for whatever is thrown at it.


Enjoy Some Fresh Air

There may be no better way to help with seasickness than simply stepping out and getting some fresh air. Feeling the gentle sea breeze can be a great way to lower body temperature and stop sweating. In addition, there is just something soothing about the sea air. Perhaps you live near the coast or own some beachfront Charleston, SC real estate or a condo in Florida and are very familiar with the gentle sea breeze? Regardless, you will never get tired of the cool crisp air, especially if it can help you control your seasickness!