Most households face this single problem almost every day: Cleanup. Most people really hate this part of maintaining the house because it takes too much time. There is a lot that you need to do and you don’t know where to start. It is such a daunting activity that you end up not doing anything at all. Anything else would be easier to do like sleeping or watching Netflix for hours. You may be able to do customary sweeping and wiping but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then you reschedule everything for the next week. As long as the surfaces are clean then you are good to go, right?

Well, you think that all of it is clean. However, there is still a lot of dirt that is left if you are just going to sweep and wipe the surfaces. They can still cling to these areas and even if you wipe again and again, you won’t be able to remove them. Bacteria and viruses can also cling to your furniture and floor. You can mop all of it, but what if you have carpet-covered floor? It can be affected by the chemicals that you put in while you clean all of it. If you have a pet, then you have all the more reason to feel alarmed (read more).

How Can You Fix This?

Vacuum cleaners were invented to be new cleaning technology because of the way it can suck up all the dirt around a certain area. The technology is advanced for its time and it has made its way into many homes around the globe. However, as powerful as a vacuum cleaner can be, there are a lot of tasks that it does poorly. It can also be a hazard to furniture and can potentially destroy it. There are other options that are available in the market these days that lets you control the vacuum’s power. On the other hand, there is a much newer way of dealing with cleanups.

The steam cleaner was created to combat dirt and bacteria around your home with just water. You don’t need to add or use any cleaning product: you just need to have water. It works like a portable steamer because most models have a compartment that can store water. Once it is connected to electricity, it can heat up all the water inside and releases it through your chosen output. It can be a mop or a spray and you can use this in most surfaces. It is also quite easy to use. You can check out some steam cleaner tips and reviews that are available online for you to read. They can even help you find the best ones on the internet these days.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using The Steam Cleaner

  • You Can Clean More Surfaces Compared To The Vacuum Cleaner. 

With a vacuum cleaner, you are just limited to what it can reach in the crevices of your house. Sure, there are attachments that you can use but you need to change the nozzles quite often to reach optimum results. You cannot even use this on your carpets without pulling the fibers out. With a steam cleaner, most models can let you reach even the most narrow surfaces and little nooks around your house. Vacuum cleaners are more effective with dryer particles to absorb. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, can be effective with both depending on the brand.

  • It Is Safe To Use For Pets And Children Alike.

One of the main selling points of a steam cleaner is it only uses water to clean your surroundings. You are not prone to leaving cleaning chemicals lying around for your children to be exposed to. It can also clean up all the hairs that your pet sheds all the time. We all know that most dogs and cats can accumulate so much hair in just a few short hours. They will also be less afraid of the steam cleaner because it doesn’t create that much sound.

  • Easier To Clean And Maintain For Future Use.

Another advantage of this cleaning apparatus is maintenance. As it uses only water, you don’t have to clean everything as often. It is also easier to store compared to a classic vacuum cleaner because there are handheld models available in the market. Its power might not be as good as the standing models, but it can do just fine in cleaning the surfaces you want.

However, there are certain scenarios wherein you do not want to use a steam cleaner. You will still need to wipe the surfaces since it will stay wet if you will use the steam cleaner. If you are using water-based paint around your house, it is advised to refrain from using it because it can remove the paint. Same thing goes with other furniture and materials around the house. Wood can be susceptible to moisture, so wipe the steam off immediately after spraying.

Be careful if you are using the steam cleaner if anybody is nearby. Even though it only uses water, it is still rather hot like off the boil water. It can burn your skin if it is hot enough or can leave dark spots around your body. This steam is even far dangerous for people who have sensitive skin. Another thing about this is water-filled equipment that needs to be connected to electricity. It can be quite dangerous in electrical places so keep your eye out for less.