The challenge for You Capture this week was “things that start with B”. When I first saw the topic, I was concerned I might not come up with enough B-words. But once I started shooting, I realized there were plenty of things around to capture. After I brought them home, I decided to have some fun with Lightroom this time also and really bring some different sorts of finishes to the otherwise somewhat boring shots. And so the game began…

The bus I saw as I was walking Ayla this morning.

Bubbling Over with B's

The bike belonging to a neighbor which is always parked downstairs with all the other bikes in the courtyard of our building.

Bubbling Over with B's

Hopefully our neighbor didn’t see me photographing this next one, because he might have thought I was either trying to do something to his lovely BMW. But a Berlin license plate saying “BAM” on a BMW with a bear on it — I just couldn’t let that one slip by. 🙂

The buckle that holds Mack into her carriage, even though she definitely no longer needs it anymore. I think she just likes to put it on so she feels safer — or because it’s fun to buckle.

Bubbling Over with B's

Baskets that I see multiple times a day through a window in our courtyard and often wonder about. They all have price tags on them but there is no shop in our building. There is one not too far away, though, so perhaps they belong to them…

The bird of paradise Mackenzie got for free at the farmers’ market on Saturday, just because she’s so cute. They were charging €5 for just one of these beautiful flowers.

The banister in our building — which is officially a dog when talked about around Mackenzie. If she thought it was a dragon, she might refuse to come in the building ever again. 😉

And more of our banister going upstairs. All the old woodwork is just incredible in this place. So many details everywhere!

What things do you think of immediately which start with B?